Saturday, September 1, 2012

James Crossing or James Creek.

James Crossing is another of those Kansas Postoffice drop off's that never got started. James Crossing also known by the locals as James Creek was started around 1862.  John James came from Crawfield Illinois and came to Jackson county in 1855 and settled in Grant Township section 10.  When be built his home is not stated in the historica record.  One record state the Postoffice open June 24, 1862 and closed on November 11, 1886.  Another record states the Postoffice open April 19, 1862 and closed on January 26, 1886. John James was its Postmaster.

The Business Directory of 1867, for North Missouri and Eastern Kansas, describes James Crossing as a little place in Jackson County wich is situated to the north of Topeka, on the opposite side of the Kansas river, being to the north of that place, small and little of  importance.

Business Men 
John James, Postmaster.
James Brownlee, General Store.
Business Men who used James Crossing as their P. O., address as of 1881.
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