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Springdale Kansas.

Springdale Kansas 1867.
A place of considerable importance in the county of Leavenworth, having four generat merchants two Blacksmith, two Wagon Makers, one Physician.  One Druggist, and two Carpenters.  A pleasant situation and good place for settlement has a popualation of 240.  John A. Clayton Post Master.
Springdale Business men of 1867.
J. Babb, Carpenter.
J. A. Clayton, Carpenter and Post Master.
Clatton & Bro., Druggist.
W. B. Gibson, Physician.
R. J. Jeffries, General Store.
A. C. Martin, General Store.
S. Reynolds, Blacksmith.
J. Robinson, Wagon Marer.
F. L. McClintock, Wagon Maker.
O. S. Streeter, General Store.
F. Trewergy, Blacksmith.
S. B. Walker, General Store.
Springdale Post office open September 24, 1860 ran to March 15, 1907.
Springdale is in Alexandria Township, county of  Leavenworth.
Business men of Springdale 1878.
B. C. Baker, Lives in city, Farmer, from Indiana, came to county 1868.
S. D. Reynolds, Farmer, from Canada, came to county 1866.
John Schenck, Lives in City, Farmer, Minister and J. P. from Ohio, came to county 1876.
Springdale Kansas 1912.

Springdale, a hamlet in the western part of Leavenworth county, is about 5 miles south of Easton, from which it has rural free delivery, and 3 miles north of Ackerland, the nearest railroad station.

Springdale History as stated in 1921.

The city of Springdale was platted and surveyed in 1860 by Hiram Rees and Eli Morris. It is located in the center of Alex- ander Township and about sixteen miles west of the city of Leavenworth. It has no railroad connections. John Wright was reputed to have been the first settler in the township, coming there in 1854. A postoffice was established there in 1860 and P. F. Walker was appointed the first post- master. In those days the mail was hauled overland by stage on the Fort Riley Road, Springdale getting its mail from the station at Easton, and Easton in turn getting its mail from Leavenworth, where it was brought by steamboat. The township of Alexandria, in which Spring- dale is located, was settled to a large extent by the Friends' Society. They built a church and schoolhouse there at an early date. Among the earliest industries of the little village was a sawmill operated by Henry Ready and a grist mill operated by Thomas Ashby. Among the earliest settlers of the village and community were the following: Robert E. Courtney, Garrett V. Keller, James Medill, Alfred B. Powell, Buell Trackwell and Dr. William B. Wood.

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