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Caney Kansas

Caney is in Montgomery County in the Township of Caney in section 12., on the county map it would be Township 35-S Range 13-E.

Post Office.
Caney Post Office open May 16, 1870 and ran to?.
Business men of Caney as of 1881.
John G. Riley, Farmer and Stock Raiser, from Indiana, came to county 1876.
A. M. Taylor, Physician and Surgeon, from Maine, came to county 1870.
David Howard, Farmer and Blacksmith, from New Yory, came to county 1870.
J. Jordan, Blacksmith, from Ohio, came to county 1873.
Caney Township Biographical Sketches, 1883.
Caney Kansas as stated in 1912.
Caney, one of the four important towns of Montgomery county, is located near the Oklahoma line at the junction of the Missouri Pacific and the Missouri, Kansas & Texas R. R., 20 miles southwest of Independence, the county seat. It is in the gas belt and has grown very rapidly, especially in the past ten years, during which time it has trebled its population. It has a good system of waterworks and an efficient fire department. The combined output of the gas wells in the vicinity
is 175,000,000 cubic feet per day. The largest oil tank farm in the state is located near here. It covers 800 acres. The manufacturing interests in Caney include 2 large glass factories, a brick and tile works, a large zinc smelter and an oil refinery. There are 2 banks, an ice and cold storage plant, 3 public school buildings, a public library, 2 weekly news-
papers (the Chronicle and the News), telegraph and express offices and an international money order postoffice with one rural route. The town was incorporated in 1905. About this time it received extensive advertising throughout the whole nation on account of a gas well which took fire and burned furiously for several months. Tourists, many of whom
were from distant states, flooded the town to view the immense flames, the roaring of which could be heard for miles. According to the census of 1910 the population of Caney was 3,597.
Small land owners of Caney Township, And Map 1916.

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