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Robinson Kansas.

Robinson Kansas 1867.
Robinson is the name of a place in Brown County on the line of the St. Joseph and Danver R. R., and 7 miles south-west of Hiawatha, the County Seat.  It is not far from north-east corner of the Kickapoo reservation, situated on a high and rolling prairie.  Business men; O. H. Macauley, Notary Public; N. P. Rawlings, Post Master.
Robinson Kansas as stated in 1883.
Business men of Robinson 1887.
Robinson City Time Lines as given in 1903.
June 30, 1858, Robinson post-office established with Samuel W. Wade as post-master..
February 9, 1859. The Robinson Town Ho. incorporated by George S. Parks, O. H. Macauley, Ira H. Smith, J. P. Macauley and A. D Richardson. 
November 10, 1859,  Republican Judicial Convention at Robinson. Albert L. Lee, of Elwood, is nominated for District Judge.
March 1861, Meeting of the first state Legislature. Brown county is represented in the Senate by H. R. Dutton, of Hiawatha and in the House by Ira H. Smith, of Robinson. H M. Robinson, of Hiawatha, is a door keeper in the Senate.
May 13, 1861, The Hiawatha Guards, Capt Ira J Lacock, go to Holton to attend the organization of the 3rd Regiment of the State Militia. Steve Quaif, of Robinson, organizes and drills a band of drummers and fifers for the Company.
June 4, 1861, The legislature provides for a state road from Atchison by way of Robinson and Hiawatha, to Padonia, thence by one branch to the Nebraska line, in the direction of Falls City, and by another branch from Padonia to the
Nebraska line in the direction of Salem. Thomas Butcher, Ephraim Pound and Orville Root are designated as Commissioners.
October 17, 1861,  Republican Convention at Robinson to nominate a candidate for District Attorney. J. F. Babbitt, of Hiawatha, is the nominee.
December 25, 1863, School district No. 26, (Robinson) is organized by Superintendent Geo. G. Rice. The first board are, Henry Schmidt director, P. S. Kelley clerk, Geo. Ruth treasurer.
February 15, 1863, Robert White, E. R. Cornelison and George Rush are appointed by the legislature to locate a state road fiom Atchison via Robinson,Hiawatha and Padonia to the state line.
February 11, 1866 or 67, On petition of O. H. McCauley it is ordered that the town site of Robinson be declared vacated except California Avenue and the lots thereon, Temple street and the four blocks in the center of the town site commencing on California Avenue and Temple Streets with so much of the streets and alleys as are adjoining said blocks.
September 28, 1868, The Bryn Zion Baptist Church is organized at Pitman school house, four and one-half miles south-east of Robinson, by Revs. Cozad and Cook. The constituant members were Allen and Elizabeth Mellotte, D. B. Pittsford, S. T. Mellotte, M. F. Streeter, Rachel McBride, Mary E. Mellotte, Mary Anderson, B. F. Lilly, Mrs. B F. Lilly. The organization was moved to Robinson in 1871. The last services were held December 19, 1885.
February 22, 1870, H. M. Robinson opens the railroad station at Robinson.
May 6, 1872, Robinson Grange No. 3, is organized with C. F. Trap as Master and S. A. Holcomb as Secretary.
September 18, 1872, The Republicans of Robinson organize a Grant and Wilson
club withC. L. Carroll as president, S. W. Swayze as vice president, J. R.
September 27, 1872, Robinson Lodge No. 98, I. O. O. F., was instituted with the following charter members: A. J. Owen, N. G.; L. C. Parker, V. G.; G. B. Sterline, Secretary, M. V. Christy, Treasurer: Lum Martin, W. Swift, J. Sherman, J. Wynkoop.
June 30, 1874. Robinson Lodge No. 159, A. F. & A. M. organized under a dispensation with Charles Hack, W. M.; Cyrus A. Lemmon, S. W.; Aaron H. Wade, J. W. For some reason the issuance of a charter to this lodge was deferred until the annual communication in 1875. The dispensation shows that the same was extended from September 30, 1874, to August 31, 1875. A charter was issued October 21, 1875; The following is a list of the charter members: Charles Hack; Cyrus A. Lemmon, Aaron H. Wade, George W. Parsons, Hiram Crouuse, John Wynkoop, William H. Morris, Rudolph H. Bolinger, Solomon Jameson, Samuel W. Wade, Nathaniel Kimberlan, Alfred Roudebush.
June 1, 1875, The corner stone for the M. E. church at Robinson is laid with imposing ceremonies.

June 5, 1875, The Robinson M. E. church chartered. 0. L. Carroll, P. S. Kelley. John H. Lange, Hiram Crounse, Isaac Martindale, and Henry Cheal are directors.
December 6, 1879, A teachers association is organized at Robinson. L. H. Smyth is president and M. D. Spencer, secretary.
October 14, 1880, Democratic pole raising at Robinson. Col. Thos. Moonlight is the orator of the day. 
December 31, 1881, Robinson has exported this year 465 cars of corn, seventy cars of wheat, seven cars of barley, two cars of oats, 109 cars of stock making a total of 665 cars of grain and stock valued at $170,000. 
February 16, 1882, Fire in Robinson. Loss, $50,000. 
April 26, 1882, Odd Fellows Hall in Robinson is dedicated. 
August 10, 1882, Robinson Lodge 98, I. O O. F., incorporated. 
April 20, 1883, Robinson United Brethren church incorporated by J. A. Hicks, Samuel Snyder, J. H. Thuma, J. A. Glenn and A. F. Smith. 
May 10, 1883, Robinson has a band. The members are Jere Jordan, Jas. Bollinger, H. H. Williams, J. M Morris, E. J. Terrell, Wm. Conn, J. L. Leamaster, J. B. Mitchell, Joseph Rush, Henry Jordon, L. B. Hall, M. P. Rush, John Payne, Wm. Hickman. 
October, 1883, The Robinson Rifles organize and are accepted as Co. B, 3rd Regiment of Kansas Militia. Jas. T. Pomeroy is captain. 
April 27, 1887, The Robinson Building Association is incorporated with J. B Mitchell, S. A. Groninger, O. S. Condit, A. Nellans, O. Jordon, G. W. Terrill, Henry Williams, D. P. Maxwell and A. B. Smith as directors. This board organized by electing O. S. Condit as president, S. A. Groninger as vice president, G. W. Terrill as treasurer and J B. Mitchell as secretary.
May 21, 1888, Robinson Post No. 468, is organized. The charter members are Zephaniah Jones, James A. Gilbert, Marshall P. Rash, Hiram Crounse, Samuel Mears, Thos Jenkins, Thos Trompeter, J.Zaibjr, J H. Lang, H. EI. Hickman,
C.R.Martin, H.Cheal, H N.Chase, M. A Q ugley, C Cowley. Wm.Schung. 
October 6, 1889, City election at Robinson. S. A. Groninger is elected mayor and M. P. Rush, J. B. Mitchell, O. S. Condit, J. A. Gafford, J. F. Wilson councilmen. For police judge. M. N. Peek and Joseph Gafford each received 70 votes. 
November 18, 1889, The Robinson Lodge No. 159, A. F. & A. M. incorporated. 
August 23, 1890, Camp No 1462 of the M. W. A. is organized at Robinson with  J. B. Mitchell, V. C: E. L Truex, clerk: L S McNamar, A. B, Smith, F. A. Groninger, Jas. A Gafford, Z. B. Arbogast, T. D, Ruley, Ben K. Kelley. 
March 7, 1893, Robinson W. R. C. Association incorporated 
April 3, 1893, Robinson City election results as follows: Mayor, J. L. Leamaster; police judge, O. F. A Pirkey; councilmen, H. T. O'Neil, O. B. Jordon, F. M. Pearl, N. F Leslie, M. T. Terrill.
March 8, 1895, Robinson Council No. 229, Knights and Ladies of Security is organized with the following charter members: Delilah Truex, Johnson Truex, Marshall T. Rush. Geo. F. Mitchell, Emma S. Mitchell, Dr. H. J. Deaver, H. O. Truex, Frank Decker, Anna E. Decker, Isaac C. Hauer, Wm. Truex, Alex Williams, Mary E Miller, J. Ball, J. I. Shambaugh, J. P. Rush, Harry Hickman, H. S. Hickman. 
August 7, 1895, The Bank of Robinson chartered. Capital stock $10,000. 
April 3, 1899, Robinson city election. Mayor, Frank Idol 145, M. Wade 80; Police Judge, A. B Smith 128, S. P. Rupe 92; Marshal, J. L. Cowger 153, D. Livingston 74; Clerk, Chas. Hughes 216; Street Commissioner, Wm. Snooks 125, John Hutchinson 94; Councilmen, C. F. Lucas 136, C.J. Goodrich 86. J. W. Clendennen 131, J. W. Mattuck 74, Julius Meeke 144, T. II. Teague 82, D. Van Voorhis 149, Jake Borden 73, D. Hellman 142, Levi Riddle 74.
The first newspaper published in Robinson was owned by a stock company composed of business men. Dave Alley was editor and the first issue occured April 6, 1883. The paper was a three-column, four-page affair, size 9x12, Republican In politics. This venture ran for about six months, when the material was sold to satisfy outstanding claims and was bid in by N. F. Leslie, who was treasurer of the company.
In October 1884, the Robinson Record was launched with N. F. Leslie as editor and N. O. Pierce as mechanical supervisor. During March, 1885, the Record gave up the ghost and the material was sold to A. N. Ruley, of Hiawath, and later the plant went to Cuba, Kansas.
August 14, 1891, E. J. Patch issued the first number of the Robinson Reporter, a seven-column folio. This paper went the way of the others in March, 1892. The material was sold to parties in White Cloud.
Robinson Kansas 1912
Robinson, an jncorporated town in Brown county, is located on the St. Joseph & Grand Island R. R., lo miles southeast of Hiawatha, the county seat. It has a bank, 4 churches, about 75 business establishments, express and telegraph offices, a money order postoffice with three rural routes, and there is a weekly newspaper (the Index). The popula- tion, according to the census of 1910, was 492. Robinson was founded at the time the railroad was built in 1871. Before that date a town of the same name had grown up on the California trail which ran half a mile to the south. This was moved to the new site, which was platted in 1872. The postoffice was established in 1871, with S. Morehead as post- master. The whole business part of the town was destroyed by fire in 1882, the total loss being $31,000.

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