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WarWick Kansas

Warwick Kansas
WarwickKansas, is in Republic County in the Township of Big Bend.  On the count map it can be found at, Range 5-west and Township 1-south in section 5.
Warwick Note.
WARWICK (35.5 miles northwest of Concordia)
Railroaders must have been popular in the early days of this Republic County community which has had two names, both, it is said, those of railroad men. Its first name was Talmage, possibly for A. A. Talmage one of the first chief engineers of the Missouri Pacific. Later, at a date and for reasons unknown, the name was changed to "Warwick," honoring another railroad man whose initials and official position also are unknown.
Warwick Post Office History.
Wilber post office open November 5, 1873 and ran to May 5, 1880, moved to Talmage.
Talmage post office open May 17, 1880 and ran to April 13, 1882, moved from Wilber name changed to Warwick.
Warwick post office open April 13, 1882 ran to October 23, 1882, closed and repoen March 3, 1884 and ran to April 30, 1919.
Warwick Papers.
The Warwick Leader, republican in politics, was published at Warwick by J. H. Price in 1885 or 86.

The Advanced Leader also republican, was published at Warwick in 1888. Peter McHutcheon being editor, publisher and proprietor. This paper like many others did not live to an advanced age.
Business men of Big Bend Township, who used Warwick as their P. O. addresss as of 1884.
James Alderson, Farmer.
Hiram Allen, Farmer.
Henry Beck, Farmer.
William Bateman & Co., Hardware Dealers.
Henry Bateman of Bateman Co.
B. N. Bengiry, Farmer.
H. Beed, Farmer.
J. W. Bending, Farmer.
William Brown, Farmer.
L. C. Campbell, Farmer.
W. A. Campbell, Farmer.
William Cure, Farmer.
George Cure, Farmer.
F. A. Crans, Manager of Howell & Co., Lumber Yard.
O. N. Dundas, Farmer.
Ed Fozee, Barber.
N. M. Forsyth, Farmer.
W. L. Frazee, Farmer.
V. Fischer, Farmer.
William Gordon, Restaurant.
G. P. Grandville, Section Boss.
John Hummell, Farmer.
John Hug, Farmer.
James Hurly, Farmer.
William Hurly, Farmer.
John Hurly, Farmer.
James M. Hurly, Farmer.
J. L. Hart, Farmer.
Jesse Helfer, Farmer.
John Halsted, Farmer.
J. L. Hoyt, Prop. of Hotel.
Howell Bros., Lumber and Coal.
J. Jolley, Farmer.
John Kleim, Farmer.
J. Koch, Liveryman.
Z. Kirby, Farmer.
Jas. H. Lathrop, Minister.
G. M. Langhlin, Farmer.
W. H. Leach, Farmer.
William Landreth, Farmer.
A. P. Lawson, Real Estate Dealer.
Lyons & Christian, Stock Dealers.
M. J. Mitchell, Farmer.
George W. Powell, Stock Raiser.
Thomas H. Powell, Farmer.
George M. Powell, Farmer.
Morgan Powell, Farmer.
A. B. Pechte, Farmer.
H. K. Peckham, Farmer.
Jonathan Peppel, Farmer.
E. Peppinger, Farmer.
S. M. Rickel, Farmer.
R. T. Stanfield, of Stanfield & Laughlin.
Stanfield & Laughlin, Hardware Merchants.
M. J. Stratton & Co., Grain Dealers.
F. E. Thopson, Farmer.
C. A. Thompson, Farmer.
A. Tracy, Brakeman.
J. C. Thomas, Farmer.
W. H. Webber, Farmer.
W. A. Webber, Farmer.
B. T. Tegtes, Farmer.
WarWick Kansas 1912.

Warwick, a village of Republic county, is located in the extreme northwestern corner on the Missouri Pacific R. R., 20 miles northwest of Belleville, the county seat. The 1910 census gave it no inhabitants. It has a postoffice, telegraph and express offices, and is a trading center for the neighborhood.

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