Thursday, September 20, 2012

Waveland Kansas.

Waveland Kansas 1867.
Waveland is a Post Office in Shawnee county, not far from Topeka.
Business men of Waveland 1867.
T. G. Clark, Nursery.
Robert Todd, Post master.
Waveland Post office open June 23, 1862 and ran to November 10, 1900.
Waveland Kansas 1873.
Waveland is in Shawnee County, Williamsport Township, Waveland is in section 34., the land owners of that section were.
J. Young.
W. Young, Waveland sat on his land.
E. H. Hall.
J. Belxer.
E. L. Bowhay.
 Waveland Kansas 1912.

Waveland, a country hamlet in Shawnee county, is located 14 miles southwest of Topeka, the county seat, and 4 miles west of Wakarusa. the postoffice from which it recei\es mail. The population in 1910 was 31.


Jan Kimbrell said...

Apparently my great grandparents lived out in Waveland. Pluma and Isaac Patterson. On something known as the McCollum Place. I have no other information about it at this time but I would sure be interested in learning more.

Dennis Segelquist said...

Jan, I don't have enough info to be any help to you.