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Brenner Kansas.

Brenner Kansas 1882.
Brenner a station on the Atchison & Nebraska Railroad, was located by the Railroad company in 1872.  The depot being the first building.  The Postoffice was established in 1874, James McDaniel, Post Master. Harry Nesbit was first depot agent.  Brenneris a good shipping point for grain and stock.  Not less then #150,000 worth of produce was shipped during the of 1881.
Historical Post office records.
Brenner post office opened August 31, 1871 ran to April 30, 1912.  Closed and reopened June 27, 1912 ran to January 15, 1917.
Brenner Kansas 1883.
Brenner is a station on the Atchison and Nebraska Railway about four miles northwest of Doniphan. It was located in 1872 by the Railway Company and a depot built. A post-office was opened in 1874 with James McDaniel as postmaster.

Business men who used Brenner as their P. O., address as of 1883.
MARENES HAGEMAN, farmer and stock raiser, Brenner, came to Kansas in October, l868, and located on his farm in Wayne Township, where he has ever since lived. He was a member of the School Board of District No. 51, Wayne Township, in 1869. Has also been a member of the Grange. He was born in Berkeley County, W. Va., Feb. 27, 1821. and lived in his native place until his twenty-fourth year, and then removed to La Porte, Ind., where be lived twenty years and was mostly engaged in farming. From Indiana he came to Kansas. Mr. Hagaman has been married twice. The first marriage took place in Berkeley County W. Va., in March, 1845, to Miss Elizabeth Couchman, a native of West Virginia. They had five children by this marriage, viz: George, Mary, Joseph, Ella and Nettie. The second marriage took place May 20, 1877, in La Porte, Ind., to Mrs. M. L. Walton. There is no issue by this marriage. Mr. H. has a fine farm of 220 acres, all upland, all enclosed, and very fertile. One hundred and sixty acres are in cultivation, the balance timber and pasture land. He raises stock and grain. He has plenty of good water on his farm, a large spring rising in every field. The improvements on his farm consist of a large comfortable house, a new barn, and granary and outbuildings. His orchard covers four acres and contains 300 apple, 100 peach, and about twenty-five cherry and pear trees.
EUGENE HINCKLEY, merchant and telegraph operator, Brenner Station came to Kansas In March, 1870, and located near Brenner Station, Doniphan County, where he has since lived. He is also Notary Public at Brenner. Mr. Hinckley was born in Adams County. Ill., December 3, 1854, and lived in his native place until his sixteenth year, when he came to Kansas. He was married December 2, 1875, at Brenner Station, to Miss Ella Hagaman, a native of Indiana. Her father, M. Hagaman, Esq., is an old resident of the State. Mr. Hinckley is one of the firm of Cook & Hinckley, dealers in general merchandise and coal, and shippers of grain, Brenner Station. They ship to the markets in Atchison, St. Louis and Chicago, on an average, 200 cars of grain each year. They have the only store at Brenner Station, and do a large and thriving business.

JOB MCDANIEL, farmer, P. O. Brenner, came to Kansas in the spring of 1866, and located in Wayne Township, where he has resided since. He was born in Bradford County, Pa., June 15, 1825. and lived in his native place until his eighth year, when his parents moved to Athens County, Ohio, where he resided until he came to Kansas. He was married in Morgan County, Ohio, in June, 1846, to Miss Sophia Martha Shaner, a native of Muskingum County, Ohio. They have five children living, viz,: Arminda, Mandana, Vernillion Emery, Ulysses Clinton, and Ermina Breniss. They have also an adopted son, whose name is Alburtis. Mr. McDaniel's farm contains 154 acres, and is mostly upland. His house is comfortable and commodious and has a good barn and other buildings. The farm is partially inclosed by about three miles of hedge fence. He has a fine apple orchard on his farm, consisting of over 160 trees. He markets his apples in Atchison. He is close to the markets, and has every convenience for shipping his farm products to market, the depot at Brenner Station not being over a hundred yards from his line. He has good live stock of all kinds and his farm has rich soil and is very productive.

DAVID WYNKOOP, farmer, Brenner, came to Kansas in November, 1871, and located near his present place of residence in Wayne Township, where he has lived since. He has been Treasurer of the School Board of Wolf River Township. Mr. Wynkoop was born near Carlisle, Cumberland Co., Pa., in 1817, where he lived until his thirty-fifth year, when he removed to LaPorte County, Ind., where he resided until he came to Kansas. Most of his life has been spent in farming. He was married in Harrisburgh (sic), Pa., January 5, 1844, to Miss Sarah Ann Hoover, a native of Pennsylvania. They have seven children living, whose names are as follows: Ann Mary, married to G. V. Hagaman, a native of Indiana, and a member of the firm of Hagaman & Wynkoop, Atchison; Susanna Rebecca, married to W. A. Stanton, a native of Indiana, who is engaged in farming, and resides in Wayne Township; John H., a farmer, residing in Wolf River Township, married to Nannie Robertson, a native of Kansas; David M., dealer in hardware and agricultural implements, and junior member of the firm of Hagaman & Wynkoop, Atchison; Albert U., Schuyler C., and Samuel M. Mr. Wynkoop has a fine farm of 160 acres in Wayne Township, mostly roiling prairie and very fertile. He has also eighty acres near his homestead, and eighty acres about a mile and a half from his home. In Wolf River Township he has another farm of 220 acres. It is a fine level tract of land, and is counted one among the best of the fine farms in this township.

business men who used Brenner as their P. O., address as of 1901.
J. F. Severin
George C. Sinclar
George Williamson.
Brenner 1912.
Brenner, a station on the Burlington & Missouri River R. R. in Doniphan county, is located in Wayne township 5 miles south of Troy. It has telegraph and express offices and a money order postoffice. The population in 1910 was 40. It was laid out by the railroad company in 1872 and during the next decade was an important grain market, the dealers buying principally for the Atchison millers.

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