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Geary City, Now Just Geary Kansas.

Geary City, 1867.
Geary City is a village in Doniphan County, with a Post Office and a dozen or so business, Jonathan Rigby Post Master.
Geary City Business men of 1867.
G. W. Asgood, Boot and Shoes.
T. C. Cinsler, Cabinet Maker.
M. L. Clintler, Clergyman.
R. Flickinger, Lumber and Saw Mill.
J. Gerardy, Dry Goods.
Richard Hill, Constable.
L. Hatcher, Dress Maker.
Joseph Hill, Gunsmith.
J. C. Keeper, Carriage and Wagon Maker.
Richard Moore, Carpenter.
J. M. Patterson, Commission Meachant.
H. W. Patterson, Justice of the Peace.
James Pickard, Hotel.
J. A. Rigby, Coal Mine and Flour Mill.
C. B. Rowndy, Druggist.
M. A. Roundy, General Store.
Harvey Smith, Livery Stable.
Thos. Speapman, Meat Market.
J. P. Smith, Physician.
Geary City of 1869.
Geary City, in Wayne Township, is also one among tlie first orofanized towns in the countv, situated on the Missouri River, at the mouth of Brush Creek ; but never attained the growth of other towns. There is a good grist and flouring mill, also a good saw-mill at this place ; distance to Troy, the county seat, eight miles ; to Doniphan, four miles.
Civil War Soldiers who signed up from Geary City.
Samuel Flickenger, Captain, Co. A., 13th., Kansas Infantry.
Nathan Price, Captain, Co. F., 10th., Kansas Infantry.
A. A. Clutter, 2nd. Lieutenant, Co. A., 13th., Kansas Infantry.
Andres Anderson, Sergeant, Co. G., 8th., Kansas Infantry.
John E. Pickard, Sergeant, Co. G., 8th,., Kansas Infantry.
People who Worked or lived in or near Geary City, 1869.
Gunder Anderson, Farmer.
O'Neal Anderson, Farmer.
James Bennon, Farmer.
Henry Bender, Farmer.
Mrs. Clara J. Bender widow.
Charles Brier, Laboer.
Gharles Campbell, Farmer.
Thomas L. Chilton, Farmer.
M. L. Clutter, Farmer.
Lester Copeland, Farmer.
O. M. Dennevick, Farmer.
S. Drummond, Farmer and Stone-mason.
Peter Ellerison, Farmer and Carpenter.
Robert Flickenger, Lumberman.
William H. Goldsborough, Blacksmith.
T. Gunderson, Laborer.
O. C. Hanson, Farmer.
William Hartman, Merchant.
William Hendrick, Teacher.
Geary Hickman, Minster and School Sup't.
Joseph Hill, Farmer.
Thomas Hill, Farmer.
Joseph Kent, Farmer.
Absolem Kent, Farmer.T. Kentzler, Cabinet Maker.
Casper Keeper, Shindle-Maker.
Peter Linker, Farmer.
John B. Loftin, Farmer.
Richard Martin, Farmer.
John Maurer, Shoe-Maker.
Lewis Michaels, Farmer.
Michael Morrissey, Stone-mason.
Fred Mosure, Farmer
.J.. W. Osgood, Shoe-Maker.
Leopold Otto, Physician.
John N. Patterson, Farmer.
C. W. Patterson, Laborer.
Alexander Patterson, Carpenter.
William E. Pickett, Farmer.
J. Pickard, Farmer.
James Privitt, Raftsman.
Jonathan Rigby, Miller, City Mill.
William Rousey, Farmer.
Mrs. M. A. Roundy, Druggist.
A. J. Saunders, Farmer.
O. C. Severtson, Farmer.
J. P. Smith, Physician.
Franklin H. Sollers, Farmer.
Thomas Spearman, Lives in Geary City.
Frank Sproul, Farmer.
Jesse Taylor, Farmer.
Nelson Thompson, Farmer.
G. Trenson, Farmer.
Mrs. Martha Tschudy, widow.
Wilson Wilmoth, Farmer.
F. Wright, Miller.
Geary City History & Biographical Sketches, 1883.
Geary of 1912.
Geary (formerl}- called Geary City), a hamlet of Doniphan county, is located in Wayne township about 9 miles southeast of Troy, the county seat, and 8 from Wathena, from which place it receives dajly mail. The population in 1910 was 52. The town was located in 1857 by a company of Leavenworth people and named for J. W. Geary, who was at that time governor of the territory. The first building was a log house used as a saloon. The town company built a hotel. The first store was opened by a Mr. Cutter James McCahon was the first lawyer and Dr. F. Grubb the first physician. Flickinger & Langdon put up a sawmill in 1859. The postofiice was established in 1857, with J. L. Roundy as the first postmaster. An interesting paper called the New Era was started in 1857, with two editors, one a Democrat and the other a Republican.

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