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Buffalo Kansas

Buffalo, one of the incorporated towns of Wilson county, is located in Clifton township on the Missouri Pacific R. R. and on Buft'alo creek, 15 miles northeast of Fredonia, the county seat. It has a bank, a weekly newspaper, brick and tile works, a feed mill, express and telegraph offices, and an international money order postoffice with two rural routes. The town is located in the oil and gas fields. The population for 1910 was 807.

Buffalo was founded in 1867, when a postoffice was established there with Chester Gould as postmaster. The first store was opened in 1869 by the Young Bros., and the first hotel by John Van Meter, in 1870. The Buffalo Agricultural Society was organized in 1872. In 1886 the railroad was built, which was an impulse to the growth of the place. The next year the first bank was started. The town was incorporated as a city of the third class in 1898, and the first election held in October of that year, when the following officers were chosen Mayor, E. B. Johnson; police judge, A. Jamieson ; clerk, C. M. Callarman ; treasurer, J. L. Dryden; street commissioner, O. P. Neff"; councilmen, W. L. Ward, J. S. Blankenbecker, B. E. Jones, A. A. McCann, G. K. Bideau.

Business men who used Buffalo as their P. O., address as of 1881.
William Knous, Farmer and Blacksmith, from Ohio, came to county 1871.
Samuel Kustanbauter, Farmer and Mason, from Tennessee, came to county 1879.
James S. Magill, Farmer and Stock Raiser, From Indiana, came to county 1870.
J. A. Magill, Farmer, Fruit a specialty, from Indiana, came to county 1869.
Henry Pearmain, Notary Public and Collecting Agt., from England, came to county 1887.
Susan Spillman, Farmer and Stock Raiser, from Tennessee, came to county 1859.
Elijah Stanfield, Farmer and Stock Raiser, from Tennessee, came to county 1860.
Henry Brown, Farmer and Stock Raiser, from England, came to county 1868.
W. H. Thomas, Farmer and Stock Raiser, from England, came to county 1868.
Dan'l Follmer & Bro., Wagon Maker.
John B. Smith, Farmer and Stock Raiser, from Illinois, came to county 1868.
J. H. Gundy, Stock Raiser, from Missouri, came to county 1861.
J. D. Allen, Dealer in General Merchandies, from Indiana, 1869.
W. H. Roby, Dealer in Drugs and Medicines, from Maryland, came to county 1861.
John Kinkaid, Farmer and Stock Raiser, from Indiana, came to county 1861.
Robert Steele, Farmer and Stock Raiser, from Scotland, came to county 1858.
George Brown, Prop. "Shepherd's Home," from New York, came to county 1868.
J. E. Carley, Farmer and Stock Raiser, from Indiana, came to county 1869.
R. J. Rogers, Farmer and Stock Raiser, from Ohio, came to county 1870.
Here are some marriages that took place in the city of Buffalo through the years.

NoteEither one or both parties were from Buffalo.

Walter L. Anglin, age 22, married Hattie L. Cockrell, age -, December 25, 1892.

Samuel G. Apt, age 21, married Flora Dryden, age 21, December 28, 1887.

George O. Beam, age 25, married Cora Dickey, age 21, December 23, 1896.

William E. Becannon, married Miss Millie M. Coon, July 26, 1899.

Joseph Blackwood, age 18, married Ollie Hutchison, age 20, December 25, 1889.

William B. Blackwood, age 50, married Mrs. Amanda Colaw, age 37, December 5, 1900.

Edward E. Davis, age 37, married Ivah Hisey, age 25, September 24, 1891.

John L. Dryden, age 26, married Mabel Whitaker, age 19, June 8, 1898.

Calvin M. Fagan, age 26, married Ida Farris, age 18, February 28, 1889.

Oscar J. Ferguson, age 25, married Maggie E. Beals, age 19, February 7, 1890.

George Gould, age 21, married Rosa Dradfield, age 18, December 16, 1888.

Charles A. Grubb, age 28, married Addie Harrington, age 20, November 2, 1887.

Peter Heil, age 24, married Lillie Love, October 12, 1888.

William W. Jones, age 23, married Zella ( Rosella ) Brown, age 18, April 25, 1888.

Samuel B. Lee, age 24, married Montie A. Anderson, age 25, October 19, 1898.

Harry Mitchell, age 21, married Rosa Cohoe, age 17, November 15, 1899.

George E. Offenbacker, age 25, married Ida F. Beck, age 22, February 26, 1889.

James C. Preston, age 30, married Nellie A. Cowdery, age 23, July 27, 1893.

George W. Reagan, age 23, married Nellie Surprise, age 21, June 2, 1898.

Ruben Richards, married Elizabetn Gunby, September 25, 1866.

Augustus Roger, age 46, married Sue Decker, age 36, September 26, 1887.

Nelson B. Runyan, age 23, married Anna Cook, age 18, February 22, 1888.

Thomas E. Shultz, age 21, married Mary E. Hignt or Hight, age 18, December 14, 1897.

John N. Spencer, age 25, married Clara B. Bagert, age 20, October 26, 1897.

James A. Wallace, age 28, married Ida F. White, age 23, August 10, 1890.

David S. Wiley, age 21, married Mary R. Snider, age 18, August 23, 1888.


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