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Mill Creek--Devon Kansas.

Mill Creek Township, 1878.

Devon, a village of Bourbon county, is located on the Missouri Pacific R. R. 10 miles northwest of Fort Scott. It has a money order postoffice with one rural route, telegraph and express offices, and in 1910 had a population of 200. It is the supply town for a rich district and a considerable shipping point for produce.

Mill Creek/Devon, is in Mill Creek Township, Township 24 South Range 24 East.

Post Office Hitory.

Mill Creek, open May 16, 1860 ran to February 26, 1889, name changed to Devon.  Postoffice open February 26, 1889 ran to July 15, 1912.

Business men who used Mill Creek as their PO. Address as of 1887.

J. C. Hann, Farmer and Stock Raiser, from Warren County Illinois, came to county 1874. 

Willey Bollinger, Farmer and Stock Raiser, from Cape Gerardo county Maine, came to county 1855.

Jacob Gross or Cros, Farmer and Stock Raiser, from Meggs county, Tenn., came to county 1855.

A. K. Hall, Farmer and Stock Raiser, from Dearboune Indiana, came to county 1858.

Joseph Stewart, Farmer and Stock Raiser, from Scotland, came to county 1864.

D. F. Hall, Farmer and Stock Dealer, from Portage county, Ohio, came to county 1859.

Business men who used Mill Creek as their PO., address as of 1883.

WILEY BOLLINGER, farmer, Section 6, P. O. Mill Creek, is a native of Bollinger County, Mo., born in 1831. This county was named after his grandparents who settled there in 1800. When Wiley was nine years of age, his parents removed to Northwestern Missouri, on what was known as the Fat Purchase. It was here his father died in 1853. The family then removed to Greene County, in the same State, and in 1854 his brothers Joseph and Jake came to Kansas, and selected a location. So with two yoke of cattle and a wagon they moved out in 1855, staying in an unoccupied cabin till theirs was finished. They then moved on their claim. In 1856, they received notice to leave the State, as they were Free-State people. They then went to Missouri, and took refuge with a minister named Redfield, coming back the next month, however, and settling in their home. In 1861, he served as First Lieutenant of the Mill Creek Rifle Company, and in 1863 joined the State Militia going into Capt. J. J. Stewart's company. Here he was Color Bearer and Ensign. Notwithstanding the hardships and perils of the Kansas pioneer, the life in the old cabin was described as very pleasant. They at one period had post office, preaching, singing school, spelling school and literary society there. It was in 1861 that Mr. Bollinger married Miss Lee, of Jasper County, Ill. Since the war they have prospered. He now owns 220 acres of land, farming in grain and stock. He has always been a prominent man in his section, having been Justice of the Peace for fifteen years, Coroner from 1868 to 1872. In 1880, the people sent him to the State Legislature, and he is now giving his aid and support to the public schools, serving as Clerk in his school district. He has five boys and three girls, all of whom he intends shall have a good education. In the M. E. Church he is a Trustee and Steward, and Recording Steward for the circuit.

JACOB GROS, farmer, Section 5, P. O. Mill Creek, is a native of East Tennessee, born in 1830. About 1853, he started West to Arkansas, but stopped in Greene County, Mo. He then came to Kansas in 1854, looking for a location. Having selected it, he built part of a cabin and then returned to Greene County, bringing his family out in 1855, being accompanied by several other families. The only one now remaining is that of Wiley Bollinger. Settling in a wilderness, he has carved out a fine, well-improved farm, but it took almost a miraculous amount of work, and in those unsettled times a great amount of personal danger. In 1864, he was out under Capt. Dan Hall, but took no part in the disturbances, though he was compelled to hide in the timber. In 1853, he married Miss Tipton. They have five children--James, Henry, Tennessee, Charlie and Lila. Mr. Gros has been Township Treasurer for some six or eight years, and is an earnest supporter of the public schools.

D. F. HALL, farmer, Section 2, P. O. Mill Creek, is a native of Portage County, Ohio, born in 1834. He remained at home until he was twenty years of age and then went to work on the Cleveland & Cincinnati Railroad. Having learned the carpenter's trade, he then went to Illinois, where he went to farming in McDonough County, but with poor success, for he first lost his crops and then his farm. In this condition he emigrated to Kansas, locating on Section 2, his present home, stopping with his brother at first until he had built. He arrived February 10, 1859, with little or nothing, and since then has accumulated a little fortune in stock and land, now having some 1,361 acres, all fenced, stocked with about 200 head of cattle and 200 hogs and Norman graded horses. On the homestead piece of land he has put some $8,000 in a fine residence and improvements. He went through all the earlier troubles, losing some property, and serving in the State militia. In 1864, his wife and family were exposed to the guerrilla warfare which raged here at that time. In 1858 he married Miss Stinson. They have four boys and two girls. Being always an earnest supporter of education, he is giving his children the advantages of the State Normal College, located at Fort Scott--William, Clarence, Ellsworth, Effie, Leonard and Maud.

W. H. HARRIS, farmer, Section 1, P. O. Mill Creek, is a native of Lower Canada, born in 1838. His parents were of English descent, and settled there at an early period. In the same year that he was born they moved to Ohio, remaining there until 1843, going thence to Illinois, where they lived until 1860. They then came to Kansas in 1860, the party consisting of his parents (both since deceased), his brothers George, John and William, also one sister, now married and living in Dakota. W. H. located in Mill Creek Township on his present farm, and has succeeded in making a beautiful home for himself and family, farming in stock and grain. In 1860, he married Miss Vineyard. sic They have one daughter. Mr. Harris has held many of the gifts in the power of the people, such as Township Trustee, School Treasurer, etc. He belongs to the Masonic fraternity, having joined in 1865.

B. WILTSE, merchant and Postmaster, P. O. Mill Creek, is a native of Erie County, N. Y., born in 1832. He read law with Mr. Thayer, since Governor of Oregon, and finished his law studies at the Genesee Western Seminary, afterward practicing at Bowling Green, Ind., Chippewa Falls, Wis., and on coming to Kansas was admitted to the bar of the State. He located in Mill Creek in March, 1881, and opened a store, and at the same time taking the post office. He has about forty acres of land also, which he farms. He has been married, and now has a son and a daughter. Mr. Wiltse is a member of the Masonic fraternity and a Democrat.

Deven Kansas.
Mill Creek Township

Business men who used Devon as their PO. address as of 1923.

A.Commons, Farmer and Stock Raiser, Born in Bourbon County, 1878.

Ranch Coon, Farmer And Breeder of high grade Hereford cattle.

Earl Kendrick, Farmer and Stock Raiser.

R. P. Maxwell, Farmer and Stock Raiser, came to county 1881.

S. F. Miller, Farmer and Stock Raiser, came to county 1866.

D. W. Sheeler, Physician and Drugs.

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G. A. Van Dyke, Farmer and Breeder of registered Percheron Horses, came to county 1903.


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