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Stories from Around The State, 1921.

The following stories come from The Topeka Daily Capital, June 13, 1921.

"Dad" of young man sittting in Auto is Police Chief Swallow--Young Man is Patrolman.

A young negro stepped up to a young white man sitting in a car in front of a drug store on East sixth avenue yesterday afternoon.  He thought the young man was a farmer. 

"Do you know of any one who wants to by a motoermeter?"  The negro asked.  "I have one that I will sell right cheap."

"My father is in side there."  The young man said.  "If you will wait a minute, you might sell him one."

The Negor waited.  A moment latre a large middle-aged man came out of the store and came toward the car.  "Yes I'm his father," the latter said.  "What do you want?" 

Neither showed any signs of autherity.  He still belived the two men were farmers.  The Negro began trying to get the older man to buy the motormeter.  The young man's "Father " became suspicious when the Negro failed to answer satisfactorily where he got the motormeter.

"Well I guess I'll have to take you to the station."  The "Father" said.  Before the Negro could collect his thoughts, he was in the car bound for the police station.  The young man was Paul Murphy, patrol driver.  The young man's "Father" was Guy Swallow, Chief of police.  The car was a police car.  Neither appeared like cops to the Negro, who give the name of Harry Garrett.  The officers are now investigating the reports of stolen motormeters, to find out who owned the two the Negro had in his possesison.

Kansas City Mo.-June 12.

Robert Dwyer, 9, was drowned today while swimming in a pool at a park here.  The boy is believed to have been attacked with cramps and sank unnoticed , tho two brothers were swimming in the same pool.

Officers Believe Columbus Man Was Vieim of Foul Play
Columbus, Kansas, June 12--( special )

The body of "Shorty" Stickie, miner, was found in a pond two and one-half miles northwest of Weir Cityby a party of boys yesterday.  It was floating when found.  The boys had gone to the pond to swim.  Stickle was last seen alive at the street car station known as Daisy Hill, north of Weir, Wednesday night. 

The head and face was badly bruised.  Officers said Stickle lost his life by foul play.  An autopsy was performed yesterday and less than an ounce of water was found in the lungs.  A $10 bill was found in his pocket.  An inquest will be held at Weir City Tuesdat.

Nicholas Spahn, 87, Is Stricken With Heart trouble.

Nicholas Spahn, 87, an old resident of North Topeka, was stricken while returning to his home, 1227 north Madison street, abouy 6 o' clock last night.  He fell dead from heart disease when he was about a block from home. Mr. Spahn was a resident of North Topeka for more then forty-five years.  He was employed in the Santa Fe shops for many years.  He is survived by seven children: John Spahn, John G. Spahn.  Mrs Catherina Bux.  Mrs Mary Ingenthron and Peter Spahn, all of Topeka; Jacob Spahn, of Denver, Colo., and George Spahn of Kansas City Mo. Funeral arrangements have not been completed.  His body was taken to Brennan's undertaking establishment.


Witchita, June 12--Ora W. Artz and A. L. Artz, twins, of Halstead, Kansas, are in the Sedgwick county jail, both being held because one is wanted on a charge of forgery.  Local authorities did not know which one was wanted.  Neither did Harvey county officers, so a warrant was issued for both men.

David S. Myers Worked in Shops for Thirty Years.

David S. Myers 68, veteran Santa Fe employe died at the Santa Fe kospital at 3o'clock yesterday afternoon.  He had been receiving treatments there for several weeks.  Myers was a carpenter in the Santa Fe shops for thirty years.  Health faild him four years ago.  He was retired on a pension.  He leaves no immediaate relatives.  His wife died three years ago and since that time he made his home at the Colonial hotel.  He is survived by two sisters-in-law, Mrs. May Brown, of Topeka, and Hettis Strong, Kensington, Kansas.  Funeral arrangements will be announced later.

Body Arrives From Hospital in Rochester. Minn.

The body of Mrs. Aivina Strait, who died at Rochester, Minn., following an operation at Mayo's hospital arrived in Topeka last night.  It was accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Wetherton's Mrs. Strait was Mrs. Wetheryon's mother.  The funeral will be held at Penwell's chapel at 4 o'clock Tuesday afternoon.  Burial  will be at Mount Hope cemetery.  Mrs. Strait was the gaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Giles Harrington.  She was born at Gallipolis, Ohio, in 1860.  She was married to Mr. William A. Strait.

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