Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Louis Palenske And H. J. Palenske.

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Was born January 3, 1858, on the farm, near Alma. Received the benefits of a good educational training in the Alma city schools, under the supervision of Profs. Kroenke and Orlopp. On January 7, 1883, was united in marriage to Miss Emma Thoes, to which union three sons: Max, Fred, and Arnold, and two daughters, Miss Minnie and little Laura, were born. In 1877, Mr. Palenske took up tlie study of photography, under the tutorship of the ablest masters of the art in Topeka and Kansas City, mastering the busincss in every detail and acquiring for himself a reputaticju as an artist of more than local celebrity. In 1882, Mr. Palenske opened a small book and stationery store; musical instruments and sewing machines were added until his  business was immense in volume, and today he carries perhaps the largest stock of a similar kind in the county. In 1888, banking on a small scale was added to his list of business ventures, under the tirm name of L. Palenske & Co. Later, in 1889, this was merged into the Alma State Bank, and on January 3, 1898, into the Alma National Bank, of which excellent institution Mr. Palenske has been cashier since the organization of the bank. In 1896, Mr. Palenske was elected representative in the state legislature, and in this as well as in all other positions of honor and trust, acquitted himself with credit to himself and to his constituents. No man in Wabaunsee county is more widely known and more highly esteemed than is Mr. Palenske. His father, Mr. Fred Palenske, was one of the earliest pioneers, settling on the line of the Pottawatomie reserve when there were but few white neighbors and when log houses were the rule, and they, few and far between.


Was born September 10, 1860, in Richardson county, Kansas, now known as Wabaunsee county. Received a common school education. Was raised on a farm till he was 17 years old. He then came to Alma and worked a year for Kinne & Kerans, again returning to the farm for one year, after which he returned to town and held a position in the store of F. C Simon, dealer in general merchandise, for two years. On March 20, 1891, Herman again returned to the farm. The following fall Mr. Palenske was elected sheriff of Wabaunsee county, entering upon the duties of this office January 11, 1902. At the close of his term he was re-elected, giving the people four years of honest and efficient service as sheriff.  Mr. Palenske was united in marriage to Miss Marion Ross, of Mission creek, on February 3, 1892. Since the close of his second term of office as sheriff, Mr. Palenske has resided on his farm, one mile south of Alma, where contentment reigns in a happy home.

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