Friday, October 4, 2013

Joshus L. Sutton.

Long-View Range.
Picture publish date 1919.
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J. L."Joshus" Sutton.

Birth: 1861.
Death: 1927.

Wife: Mary E. Sutton, 1865-1951.
Married about 1882, by 1900,  they had been married 18 years.

Children: George, Francis, Edward, V. E., Mary E., Rosa B., Celia A., and Aline B. Sutton.

Burial: Saint Mary's Cemetery, Hartford, Lyon county, Kansas.

Mr. Sutton came to Coffey county in 1903 and settled in section 13 of Pleasant township on a 160 acre farm called "Long-View Range", his wife Mary owned 320 acres, the farm was 480 acres in all.  His post office address was Hartford, Kansas, which was about 6 miles north-west of the farm.

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