Tuesday, October 15, 2013

George C. Hayden

Picture publish date 1901.
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George C. Hayden.

Birth: June, 1832, Kentucky.
Death: 1914.

Wife: Sarah E. Hayden 1839-1919.

Mary L. Hayden.
Martha Hayden McDaniel.
Lillian F. Hayden
Sarah E. Hayden
Alice J. Hayden.
Olive M. Hayden.
Jacob S. Hayden.
G Taylor Hayden.
Doctor M. Hayden.
Galen B. Hayden.
Gustva I. Hayden.
Georgian Hayden.
John D. Hayden..

Burial: Antioch Cemetery, Antioch, Miami County, Kansas.

Mr.  Hayden came to Miami county in 1857, and settled in section 23, of Richland township.  He was a farmer and stock raiser, on 320 acres of land.  His post office address was Gardner, Kansas, which was about one mile north-east of the farm, Gardner, Kansas is in Johnson County.

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