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Anton Schewe

Picture publish date 1902.
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Anton Schewe.

Birth: November 2, 1830
Death: October 31, 1919.

Wife: Catharine Schewe ( 1854-1904 ).

Children: William F., Anton C., Mary and Clara L. Schewe.

Burial: Peace United Church of Christ Cemetery, Alma, Wabunsee County, Kansas.

Anton Schewe.

Anton  Schewe Was born in Prussia, Germany, November 2, 1830. Landed in New York, January 20, 1851, locating at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Came to Kansas in the spring of 1856, settling on the farm on which he still resides. Owns 800 acres of good farming and grazing lands in Wabaunsee county and 900 acres in Louisiana, the value of which is likely to reach the million mark. For fifteen years Mr. Schewe was elected trustee of what was then Alma township Farmer township having since been organized an excellent proof of his standing in the community where he resides. Mr. and Mrs. Schewe have four children: Mary, Willie, Anton, and Clara, and are pleasantly located in a comfortable home five miles south of Alma.

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