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Zimmerdale Kansas.

Zimmerdale Kansas.
Harvey County.
Emma Township Map, 1902.

Emma Township Map, 1918.

Emma Township Map,,1926?
On the county map Zimmerdale can be found in Township 22-south and Range 1-west.  In the townships maps Zimmeradle can be found in section 25.
Zimmerdale School.
School District 79, Zimmerdale, section 26.
Town of Zimmerdale.
Zimmerdale is located between Newton and Hesston on former US-81.  The town was named for Martin Zimmerman, substituting the "dale" for Truesdale "man" in Zimmerman.  It was never an official town and only consisted of some ten buildings, Grain elevator and salvage yard.  The area had fallen in to disrepair and the owner died in 1999( Joe Kauffman, owner of the salvage and self-proclaimed Mayor of Zimmerdale ).  The couty commissioners placed the "town" of Zimmerdale on the auction block.
Joe Kauffman.
ZIMMERDALE -- Joe I. Kauffman, dies at 68, mechanic and former operator an auto repair shop in Zimmerdale for many years.  If you would like to learn more about Mr. Kauffman, go to the site of ( Find A Grave.)
Authors Note.  Zimmerdal was a hard town to pin down.  History records that Zimmerdale was in section 29, how ever that's in erorr.  By going to the townships maps you will clearly see that Zimmerdale is in section 25, although the name is in section 26.  In the township map of 1918, Zimmerdale is clearly marked in section 25, although the name is marked in section 26..

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