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Birley, Kansas

Chase County.
Baxaar Township Map, 1901.
On the county map Birley can be found in Township 20-south and Range 7-east.  On the town ship map Birley can be found in section 24.
Birley Post Office.
Birley post office open September 27, 1876 and ran to August 15, 1901, William H. Birley was post master, 1871-1880, records don't say who was first postmaster.
Patron's of Bazaar township who used Birlet as their P. O. address as of 1901.
William H. Becker, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
H. C. Wadsworth, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
Birley Kansas, 1912.

Birley, a hamlet of Chase county, with a population of 32 in 1910, is located about 10 miles southwest of Cottonwood Falls, from which  place mail is received by the inhabitants by rural free delivery. Bazaar is the nearest railroad station.

Birley, History.

Located on Rock Creek, west of Bazaar. Settlement about 1868, W. H. BIRLEY was postmaster 1871-80. Post office was discontinued by 1904. Location: Section 6, Township 22, Range 6 on the east bank of Cedar Creek, 9 3/4 miles southwest of Cottonwood Falls.   (References: Agr. Rept. 1880, p. 13, 1877-8, pp.. 135, 136; Gaz. 1880-1900.) 

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