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Wellsville Kansas.

Wellsville Kansas.

Franklin County.
Franklin Township Map, 1903.

On the county map Wellsville can be found in Township 15-south and range 21-east.  On the Township map Wellsville can be found in section 28.
Wellsville Post Office.
Wellsville post office open October 3, 1870, some research say's it was 1872, the post office ran upto at lest 1961, first postmaster was W. S. Brockway.
Patron's of Franklin county who used Wellsville as their P. O. adress as of 1903.
Authors note.  The number at the end of each name is the section number they lived in.  By going back to the Township map you can see where the had lived.

Wellsville Kansas, 1912.

Wellsville, the second largest town in Franklin county, is located in the northeast corner on the Atchison. Topeka & Santa Fe R. R. The town site was purchased in 1870 by J. Emerson, P. P. Elder and J. J. B. Shute, who had it platted. In August of that year the first dwelling was built, and in the fall H. N. Brockway opened the first store. In the spring of 1872 a second store was opened by Parker & Raj'. The first hotel was opened in 1875, and the next year Paul Laberrier opened a drug store. One of the first large commercial enterprises was the building of an elevator in 1877 at a cost of $5,000. The following year a large wagon shop was started, which carried on a good business.

In 1878 Nathaniel Steen purchased the town site and inaugurated such a liberal policy that many settlers were attracted to the town. The first school was taught in 1871 by Ella Brown. In 1881 a large school house was erected and today Wellsville has a fine public school system. The postoffice was established in 1872 with W. Brockway as the first postmaster. The Congregational church was established in 1875. and a church building was completed in 1877.  The Methodists organized in 1881. Since then other denominations have perfected organizations and erected church buildings.

The first newspaper, the Wellsville News, made its appearance on April 20, 1882, edited by Dr. H. M. Bennett. It did much to advertise the town and worked in its interests for years. Wellsville is the banking, shipping and supply town for a rich agricultural district. It has hotels, general stores, drug stores, hardware and implement houses, lumber yards, furniture stores, wagon and blacksmith shops, a newspaper, a money order postoffice. telegraph and express facilities, and in 1910 had a population of 750.


Patron's of Wellsville.

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