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Cottage Hill, Kansas

The town of Cottage Hill.

Cottage is a strange little town, no one seems to know anything about it.  One can learn about the school, church and cemetery but nothing on the town itself.  It's recorded that the town was laid out before 1872, however you will find no information on it.  It's clearlly marked on the county and township maps, but beyound that there is nothing else.  Cottage Hill never had a post office, and no businesses listings were found.
Marshall County.
Cottage Township map. 1904.
Onthe county map Cottage Hill can be found in township 5-south and range 6-east.  On the township map Cottage Hill can be found in section 22.

Cottage Hill district No. 31 was organized in the winter of 1870-71. with Frank Leach as director ; James Nash, clerk, and Jackson Thomas, treasurer. Sarah McKelvey taught the first school in the winter following. H. Jones and John Dolen built the school house. The present members of the school board are: Mr. Pischnez, director; E. F. Roepke, clerk, and Henry Webber, treasurer. The new school house was built in 1916 at a cost of  three thousand five hundred dollars, including furnace and modern up-to-date furniture ; the basement is cemented and used as a play room, gymnasium and for town meetings. It is twenty-six by thirty-six, with an addition ten by thirty, for hall and work room. It is to be paid for by direct taxation in three years, commencing in 1915. 

Cottage Hill Cemetery Association was chartered in February, 1891. The charter members were P. T. Vickery, James Clark, C. G. Thomas, John L. Nichols, Samuel Lamereaux, M. H. Gilbert, John Sisco, John Paul, Jackson Thomas, Margaret McDonald, Sylvester Hartman, Charles Powel, L. R. Kistler, George R. Kistler, Joseph Green, A. M. Sherwood, Reuben Fuller, C. J. Nugent, Robert Dockerty, Otto F. Hohn, John Swanson and Ben Lam€reaux. The officers were : President, John Paul ; secretary, M. H. Gilbert ; treasurer, John Sisco. This cemetery being in such a prominent part of Cottage Hill, the entire township is interested in it. and they pride themselves on the beautifying and upkeep of the grounds. It is the best kept and prettiest cemetery in any country place in Marshall county.

The Cottage Hill Alethodist church was organized in 1872, and a church and parsonage were built in 1884. Their first pastor was Rev. Charles Minear. The officers were James Clark, Reuben Hartman, John Nichols, Reuben Fuller (all deceased), and Frank Leah, now living at Grand Junction, Colorado. This church was organized with twenty-two members. At that time it was the only church in Cottage Hill, and the attendance at both church and Sunday school was much larger than now, for Cottage Hill now has three churches within a half mile of each other.

Rev. W. H. Buckner is the present pastor, with thirty-four members and about sixty attendants. The official board is John Sisco, G. Roepke, William Roepke, Herman Anderson, John Leppard and Clarence E. Nichols. The Sunday school superintendent is Henry Pretz, with thirty-eight members. It is a live church and Sunday school.

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