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Verdigris City, Montgomery County, Kansas.

Verdigris City, Kansas.
Verdigris City is not to be found on any Kansas maps.  It was laid out by Captain Daniel McTaggart and others in May of 1869.  Its location was about two and a half miles west and half a mile north of the present town of Liberty.  The farm of Senator Henry W. Conrad now occupies the site of this city that was to be, which was the first county seat of Montgomery County.  It had a dozen houses and forty to fifty inhabitants in its hayday.  One of the stores was own by a Mr. Fitch.
Verdigris City & Montgomery City Founders Of Liberty Kansas 
The village of Liberty was originally located on a high bluff over looking a beauiiful stretch of the Verdigris valley, two miles north and one mile west of the present site.  In the early days it was a prominent factor in polities of the county, being a formidable rival of Independence for county seat honors and in fact, the actual seat of government for a short period in 1869-70.
On the third of June of 1869, Verdigris City, located about five miles north of the subsequent site of the town of Liberty was designated as the temporary seat of government.
Independence, Verdigais City and Montgomery City were the rival aspirants but the few setters in Verdigais and Montgomery cities realizing that their respective sites were not favorably located for the purpose, pooled their issues, founded the town of Liberty and immediately entered that beautiful city as a contestant for the honor of being the capital city of the county.
In 1871, the construction of the L. L. and G. Rail Road across the east side of the county caused the removal of the village to its present site.
Captain Daniel McTaggart founder of Verdigris City Murdered.
Daniel McTaggart was murdered by one Sheesley who was a renter of Mctaggart flouring mill.  There was a dispuie over settement of accounts, where on august Sheesley shot McTaggart who only lived a feww hours afyer being shot.

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