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East Norway Now Moray Kansas.

East Norway Kansas.
Doniphan County.
Wolf River township map 1882.
On the county map you can find East Norway in township 3-south and range 20-east.  On the township map you can find East Norway in sections 27-28.
East Norway Post Office.
East Norway post office open January 9, 1871 and ran to December 17, 1894, name changed to Moray.  First postmaster was I. W. Bennett.
East Norway Town History.
East Norway was founded by a company compused prineipally of Norwegians, received its name from their native country Norway.
East Norway is a small town started in 1869 upon the completion of the road-bed of the St. Joe and Denver City railway to this point. The land of the town site, eighteen acres, was the property of John Hoverson, and was purchased of him for $360, by the town company, consisting of O. Nelson, G. Nelson, T. Steanson, N. G. and P. Nelson, and A. Bennett. A year later G. Nelson sold ten acres adjoining the town to the company, and this was donated (sic) the railway company in consideration of depot and side track facilities. The first buildings were erected in 1871, and consisted of a grain-house and residence, erected by A. Bennett and a parsonage of the Evangelical Lutherans. A postoffice was opened in 1873 with I. W. Bennett as postmaster, and two general stores by F. Welton and Hardy Brothers in 1874. Both of these were burned in 1878, and Welton did not resume business.

A Baptist church was organized at this point in 1874, and meetings were held in the nearest school house. The pastors of the society, D. Waddell, T. Rolfe, and E. Alward, have all been non-residents of the town.

East Norway is rather a shipping point than a town, the majority of those doing business here being farmers of the immediate neighborhood.

East Norway Bigraphical Sketches.

ABRAM BENNETT, P. O. East Norway, was born in Warren County, Ohio, March 10, 1819. His father, Nicholas Bennett, was born in Westmoreland County, Pa., 1793, and died in Warren County, Ohio, August 17, 1854. He was a farmer. His mother, Catherine Innis, was born in Allegheny County, Pa., May 16, 1797, and died in Warren County, Ohio, June 15, 1825. He was educated in Warren County, Ohio. He began life at a farmer. Married in Warren County, Ohio, June 30, 1839. His wife, Rachel Anderson, was born in Clinton County, Ohio, December 6, 1823. Her father was Hiram Anderson, and her mother Mary Mulford. Number of children, eleven - George W., John W. (Deceased), Thomas J., Celinda C. (deceased), Robert N., David W., Silas W., Charles W., Abram E., Mary A., and Ada.

JOHN HOVERSON, farmer, P. O. East Norway, was born in Norway, May 7,1829. His parents were Lars and Christiane Kittleson Hoverson, both natives of Norway. He was educated and commenced life in the rural districts of that country; emigrated with his parents to this country, with four brothers and one sister, in 1846. Worked as a farm hand for three years, in Buchanan County, Mo., went to California, in 1850, and work in the gold mines for three years; returned to Buchanan County, Mo., and engaged in farming for sixteen years. He was married in Buchanan County, Mo., January 17, 1856, to Miss Celia A. Nelson, who was born in Norway, April 19, 1838. He moved to Kansas in 1869, and settled on the place where he now lives. He married for his second wife Miss Annie M. Clemetson, a native of Buchanan County, Mo., born September 29, 1854. He has six children living - Leander, the eldest son, died March 23, 1882; he was born June 21, 1858. One other died in infancy. Those living are Augusta C., Oscar L., Mary H., Annie M., John U., and Andrew A. In politics, Mr. Hoverson is a liberal Republican.

N. L. NELSON, farmer P. O. East Norway, was born in Buchanan County, Mo., November 13, 1851. His father, Lewis Nelson, was born in Europe, in Norway, and died in this county in 1866. His mother, Gurina Nelson, was born in Norway, in 1829, and is a resident of the county. He was educated in this county and married here November 13, 1873 to Tolena Runnings, who was born in Wisconsin March 7, 1855. Her father, O. A. Runnings, and her mother, Bertha Thompson, were both natives of Norway. He has four children - Lewis A., Grace B., Jessie M. and Ella. He is a member of the Lutheran Church and is a Republican.

REV. FELIX F. OTTO, Pastor of the Oakland Church, P. O. East Norway, came to Kansas in January, 1877, and located at Sabetha, where he remained fourteen months. From there he removed to Beattie where he had charge of the Methodist Episcopal Church of that place for three years; and from there he removed to Oakland, of which charge he has been Pastor since. Mr. Otto was born in Allegheny County, Pa., November 21, 1847 and lived in his native place until his fifth year, when his parents moved to Decatur, Iowa, where they lived about eight years, and from there removed to Emporia, Kansas. He was a student for a time at Beaver College, Beaver County, Pa. He did not finish his entire course at his alma mater. Commenced preaching in 1873 in Pennsylvania. He was a local preacher for four years, after which he was admitted to the Kansas Conference. Mr. O. was married March 7, 1882, in Beattie, Marshall County, to Alice E. Sheldon, a daughter of Dr. J. J. Sheldon, a prominent physician and an old settler of Nemaha County. Mrs. Otto was born in Ohio. Mr. Otto is a faithful and devoted pastor, and is beloved and respected by his parishioners.

EBERT SIMON, farmer, P. O. East Norway, was born in Syracuse, N. Y., October 6, 1849. His father, Philip Simon, was born in Germany in the year 1800, and died in Syracuse, N. Y., in 1856. He was foreman of the Egerman Salt Works of that city. His mother, Catharine Jones, was born July 2, 1815 in the city of New York. Mr. Simon was married in this county, November 30, 1870. His wife, Augusta Nelson, was born in Buchanan Count, Mo., May 15, l850 - her father was Osul Nelson. Ebert Simon was educated in Beloit, Wis. Farming has always been his occupation. He has three children - Gertrude A., Charles E., and Howard O. He is a member of the Methodist Church. He has held the office of Township Clerk, and settled in this county June 14, 1867. Mr. Simon is a Republican.

GUTTORM STEANSON, farmer, P. O. East Norway, was born in Norway, October 15, 1833. His father, Ole Steanson, was born in Norway, June 21, 1799, and died in this country October 17, 1866, a farmer. His mother, Ingeborg Olsdatter, was born in Norway July 11, 1798, and died in this country August 20, 1870. Guttorm Steanson was educated in Norway. Farming has always been his occupation. He was married in this county October 3, 1870 to Amelia G. Nelson, who was born in Buchanan County, Mo., July 22, 1849. She was the daughter of Lewis Nelson and Gurine Nelson. They have had six children - Oscar L., born July 4, 1872; Ida G., born September 18, 1873; Silas N., born March 3, 1875; Amelia J., born September 9, 1877; Anna L., born November 12, 1879. Silas N. died August 7, 1881. He is a member of the Lutheran Church. He came to this country July 13, 1850, and settled in this county in the fall of 1858.

C. O. TUCKLESON (sic) should be Turkleson), farmer, P. O. East Norway, was born in Norway, November 18, 1832. His father, Osul Tuckleson, was born in Norway, Europe, 1804 and died in Wisconsin, August, 1874. His occupation was farming. His mother, Asur Christenson, was born in Norway in 1801, and died in Norway in 1850. The subject of this sketch was married in Doniphan County, this State, March 22, 1869. His wife, Rachel D. Speak, was born in Virginia, 1847, and was the daughter of Joseph Speak. He began life as a farmer. He was educated in Norway. They have seven children - Leah A., Mary C., Oscar J., Elizabeth M., Esther, Clarence R., and John. Mr. T. came to this country in 1850, and settled in this county in 1859. He is a member of the Lutheran Church, and votes the Republican ticket.

Moray Kansas. 
Doniphan County.
Wolf River township map,1904.
On the county map you can find Moray in township 3-south and range 20-east.  On the township map you can find Moray in sections 27, 28.
Moray Post Office.
Moray post office open December 17, 1894 and ran to August 31, 1914, closed and reopen May 5, 1915 and ran to April 30, 1938. First postmaster was Oswald C. Hardy.
There was only two patrons listed for Moray, 1904.
A.A. Hoverson, Farmer and Stock Raiser, Section 22.
N. l. Nelson, Farmer and Stock Raiser and County Commissioner, Section 21.
Moray Kansas, 1912.
Moray, a country postoffice of Doniphan county, is located in Wolf River township on the St. Joseph & Grand Island R. R. 5 miles west of Troy, the county seat. It has a money order postoffice, express and telegraph offices, and some local trade. The population in 1910 was 40. Moray was settled in 1857 by Norwegians.

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