Friday, March 15, 2013

Quickville Kansas

Quickville Kansas.
Thomas County.
Barrett Township Map,1097.
On the county map you can find Quickville in township 6-souty and range 36-west.  On the township map you can find Quickville in section 11.
Quickville Post Office.
Quickville post office open November 11, 1880 and ran to April 30, 1909.  First postmaster was  Samuel Quick.
Patrons who used Quickville as their P. O. address as of 1907.
Peter Eicher or Eieher, Farmer, came to county 1887.
W. H. Kelly Farmer, came to county 1901.
A. H. Miller, Farmer, came to county 1901
W. E. Musser, Farmer, came to county 1888.
C. H. Perey, Farmer, came to county 1905.
Chas. Wagner, Farmer, came to county 1905.
Quickville Kansas, 1912.

Quickville, a hamlet in Thomas county, is located in Barrett township, 15 miles northwest of Colby, the county seat and usual shipping point, and about the same distance from Brewster, the place from which it receives mail.

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