Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fred H. Young

Fred H. Young, of Rosalia township, is one of the substantial and well-to-do farmers and stockmen of this county, who has contributed his part to making Butler county the far famed agricultural district
that it is. The Young family were early settlers in Rosalia township where the father was a successful farmer and stockman for many years, prior to his death. The mother now resides on the home place with Fred H., the subject of this sketch.

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Fred H. Young is one of a family of seven children, born to his parents, as follows : George, served as sheriff of Butler county and was marshal of El Dorado for a time, now resides at Harrisonville,
Mo. ; Charles S., conducted a blacksmith shop in El Dorado and was superintendent of Butler county's poor farm for a number of years, now resides in El Dorado ; W. L., lives at Beaumont, Kans. ; Fred H., the subject of this sketch; A. G., resides on the home farm with Fred H.; Mrs. Mary C. Pyle, Towanda, Kans., and Mrs. Carrie R. Brickley, Leon, Kans.

Fred H. Young and his brother, A. G., own and operate 460 acres of land in Rosalia township. They are extensive stock raisers, as well as successful and representative farmers. They produce large quantities of corn, alfalfa and kafir corn, and rank among the leading farmers of that section of Butler county. The Young family are among the very early pioneers of eastern Butler county, and are all good substantial citizens.

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