Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mumford Kansas

Mumford Kansas.
Barber County.
Medicine Lodge township map, 1906.
On the county map you can find Mumford in township 31-south and range 11-west.  On the township map you can find Mumford in section 13.
Mumford Post Office.
Mumford post office open March 3, 1885 and ran to January 1, 1906, Daniel McArthur was first post master.
There was only two patrons list with Mumford as their P. O. address as of 1906.
James F. Louthan, Farmer.
J. K. Randolph, Farmer.
Mumford Kansas, 1912.

Mumford, an inland hamlet in Barber county, is located about 10 miles northeast of Medicine Lodge, the county seat. It receives mail by rural delivery from Nashville, Kingman county, which is 6 miles north, and is the nearest railroad station.

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