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Ida Kansas.

Ida Kansas.
Republic County.
Rose Creek township map, 1904.
On the county map Ida can be found in township 1-south and range 11-west.  On the township map Ida can be found in the center of four sections which are 23, 24, 25, and 26.
Ida Post Office.
Ida post office open April 3, 1873 and ran to December 31, 1885.  Joseph P. Williams was first postmaster.
Patrons of Rose Creek who used Ida as their P. O. address as of 1883.
Ida Cemetery.
Ida Kansas History
IDA, IDA CENTER, ROYSEVILLE: Located Rose Creek, First Postmaster: Joseph P. Williams, 3 Ap 1873 – 31 Dc 1885 (mail to Tabor). The town was laid out in 1871 on the farm of William Lugenbeel, grandfather of Dr. W.A. Shaw. One street was named William Street. In 1880s the railroad moved Ida to Hubbell, Nebraska. The cemetery is one mile south of original town of Ida. The site was named for Miss Ida Williams, daughter of pioneer settler. The town was abandoned in 1882. The Neville Brick Yard was established on the James Louis Neville farm and supplied bricks for many buildings and homes in Republic County and Nebraska. Flora Nevelle was first white child born in Liberty Township. The town was first called Royseville but changed to Ida on January 27, 1876.

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