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Farmersburg Kansas.

Farmersburg Kansas.
Chautauqua County.
Lafayette township map, 1903.
On the county map you can find Farmersburg in township 32-south and range 12-east.  On the township map you can find Farmersburg in section 18.
Farmersburg Post Office.
Farmersburg post office open April 25, 1872 and ran to January 15, 1906, first postmaster was John B. fisher.
There were only two patrons listed who used Farmersburg as their P.O. address as of 1903.
J. M. Crouse, Famer and Mechanic, came to county 1901..
R. M. Dye, Farmer, came to county 1871
Farmersburg Kansas, 1912.

Farmersburg, a little village in the northern part of Chautauqua county, is located about 11 miles from Sedan, the county seat, and about 9 from Longton in Elk county, whence it receives its mail by rural route. The nearest railroad station is Hale, 5 miles east on the Missouri Pacific.

More Farmersburg History.
Farmersburg or Farmerburg, is located on Salt Creek, twelve miles northeast of Sedan.  The town was established in 1870-1871, on an old freight line connecting Independence to Boston on the Elk-Chautauqa County line south of Moline. The first store was a log and frame building owned by Mr. Melvin.  The back of the store was used as the family home.  Dr. Lanson or Lansen open a store.  A total of seven homes were constructed, B. J. Johnson built a second store.  It was destroyed by fire in 1910.  The closing of the post office and loss of the store soon met the fate of the town. 

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