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West Creek Post Office, Kansas.

West Creek.
Republic County.
Lincoln Township Map. 1884.
On the county map West Creek can be found in Township 4-south and Range 3-west.  On the Township map West Creek can be found in section 16.
West Creek Post Office.
West Creek post office open June 15, 1871 and ran to April 17, 1872, closed then reopened May 20, 1872 and ran to February 18, 1886, first postmaster was Joseph A. Deweese.
People of Lincoln township who used West Creek as their P. O. address as of 1884.
E. M. Beckley, Farmer.
G. B. Basset, Farmer.
S. C. Baker, Farmer.
B. Campbell, Farmer.
Thomas Creighton, Farmer.
Robert N. Carbutt, Farmer.
Cyrus Carbutt, Farmer.
Robert Douglas, Farmer.
George Douglas, Farmer and Blacksmith.
M. J. Douglas, Farmer.
W. S. Davis, Farmer.
William Joslyh, Farmer.
John S. Krigline, Farmer and Carpenter.
G. W. Lash, Farmer. 
W. T. Lash, FarmerS. R. Miller, Farmer.
J. P. McFarland, Farmer.
H. Pettiger, Farmer.
A. E. Shepard, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
A. Skeels, Farmer.
Henry Sandells, Farmer.
Z. J. Tate, Farmer and Stock Raiser and Thresher.
People of West Creek, 1883.
G. B. BASSETT, farmer, P. O. West Creek, was born in Licking County, Ohio, in 1844. In 1852 his parents settled in Mercer County, remaining there until 1873; then emigrated to Kansas, locating in Republic County. Landing there in February, he took a homestead on Section 21, southwest quarter, Township 4, Range 3; is well situated for stock-raising. He has about fifty acres under the plow, has a good orchard of 125 peach and forty-five apple trees, and one-fourth acre of raspberries and other small fruits; he has three and one-half acres of forest trees and one-half mile of hedge on the place. He is extensively engaged in raising hogs and turns off from seventy-five to one hundred head each year; also raises some cattle, but makes a specialty of hogs and corn. He has done well since he came to this State. He has held the office of Township Clerk for five terms, besides other offices, part of the time he has been here. He was married January 2, 1870, to Miss Harriet Clark, of Mercer County, Ohio; they have four children living--Minnie, Permelia, Mary E. and George. Mr. and Mrs. Bassett are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

H. C. MILLER, farmer, P. O. West Creek, was born in Putnam County, Ohio, in 1839. In 1854 he emigrated to Iowa, locating in Fayette County and remaining there until 1855, went to Missouri, locating in Daviess County and remained there until 1859, then went to Kansas, locating in Atchison and remained there until 1861, and from there settled in Jefferson County on the Delaware Reservation, remained there two years and then located at Clay Centre, Clay County and remained there until 1868, and thence to Woodson County and was there about two years, coming from there to Republic County and bought 160 acres on Section 16, paying $3.50 per acre. The farm is well watered by a branch of West Creek and a fine spring. There is about twenty-five acres of timber along the creek. He also has a good stone quarry of magnesia lime stone covering about four acres and has eighty acres under the plow, twenty-five acres fenced for pasture, good orchard, although small, good stone house 16x20 feet built of stone taken from his quarry. He has a small grove of forest trees and one of the best stock farms in the town and is fast commencing to raise stock. He has twelve head of cattle, eight head of horses and twenty-five head of hogs. This he will increase to enable him to feed all the grain he raises. He was married in 1862 to Miss Mary Khunley of Clay County, and they have five children--Fred, Harvey, Mattie, Sarah and Mabel.

J. P. NUTTER, farmer, P. O. West Creek, was born in Alton, Illinois, in 1842. He learned the engineering trade and worked at this business until 1851 when he enlisted in the Fifty-fourth Illinois Infantry, serving three years and four months in Company K., was captured in Arkansas in 1864 but was paroled at the end of seventeen days and was mustered out at Hickory Station, Arkansas, and discharged at Springfield, Illinois, in 1865. After coming out of the army he engaged in farming and in 1872 emigrated to Kansas, locating in Republic County and in March took a homestead on Section 21, Township 4, Range 3. He secured a good homestead and has sixty-five acres under the plow, eighty acres fenced for pasture and about twenty acres of hay land. He has a fine grove of about three acres of forest trees, forty apple trees, a number of peach trees and small fruits of all kinds. He has built a good stone house 17x27 feet, two stories high and has a stone quarry and a fine spring in his pasture and also a large well with wind mill. He keeps a large number of cows and does quite a business in dairying and butter making. He was married in 1867 at Decatur, Illinois, to Miss Caroline Crow and they have five children--John, Charles, George, Maud and Claude.

Civil War Veterans of West Creek.

G. B. Bassett, Private, 15th., ohio, Infantry, Co. c.

Benjamin Corbett, Private, 13th., Kansas Infatry, Co. H.

John Kinghue, Private, 2nd., Maryland Infantry, Co. C.

S. R. Miller, Private, Kansas Militia.

J. P. Nutter, Private, 54th., Illinois Infantry, Co. K.

Putteiger, Corporal, 5th., U. S. Pennsylvania Regulars, Co. I.

S. J. Pate, Private, 2nd., Light Artillery.

G. J. Tate, Private, 24th., Indiana Infantry, Co. A.


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