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Meriden Kansas.

Jerfferson County.
Rock Creek Township Map, 1899.

On the county map Meriden can be found in Township 10-south and Range 17-east.  On the Township map Meriden can be found in sections 12, 7, 13 and 16.
Mount Florence and Meriden Post Office.
The Post office was first known as Mount Florence which open June 5, 1857 and ran to December 19, 1973, name changed to Meriden.      Meriden post office open December 19, 1873 and ran to?  Florence first postmaster was D. D. Shields, 1857.  Merider first postmaster was Frank Cunningham 1872, second postmaster was R. E. Gilluly, 1880.  Third Postmaster was Andrew Swallow, 1899.
People who used Meriden as their P. O. address as of 1899.
H. C. Chacey, Editor.
N. P. Delinger, Farmer
Louts C. Duncan, Physician.
Dr. C. M. England, Physician.
W. J. Hielman, BlackSmith.
E. W. Lake, Farmer.
A. E. Scott, Farmer.
Andew Swallow, Postmaster, Meriden.

Meriden Kansas, 1912.

Meriden, a little town of Jefferson county, is located at a point near the west line of the county where two branches of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe R. R. diverge, and 17 miles west of Oskaloosa, the county seat. It is an incorporated city of the third class with a weekly newspaper (the Ledger), banking facilities, high school and city library, telegraph and express offices, and a money order postoffice with three rural routes. Meriden was platted in 1872 on land owned byAlbert Owens. The first building was a section house, the next a small struct-  ure erected by N. Colby. The first dwelling was built by Dr. A. Dawson. After three close elections the township voted $20,000 in bonds to the railroad for a depot, which was built in 1873. The first store was opened in that year by William and Perry Riggs. The postoffice was established in 1872. The first marriage was between Dr. A. Dawson and Miss Dantie Graydon in 1872, and the first birth was that of A. A. Dawson in 1874. The first death was that of George W. Riggs in the same year.

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