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Mayview Kansas

Mayview Kansas.
Jewell County
Brown's Creek Township Map, 1884.
On the county map Mayview can be found in Township 5-south and Range 8-west.  On the Township map Mayview can be found in section 17.
Mayview Post Office.
Mayview post office open May 3, 1872 and ran to July 14, 1904.  First postmaster was Mrs. Mary E. Benner, 1872-1904.
People of Athens & Brown's Creek Townships who used Mayview as their P. O. address as of 1884.
Athens Township.
Bartley Branagan, Farmer.
Orson Dunham, Farmer.
J. A. Gunn, Farmer.
J. B. King, Farmer and Renter.
Henry Morgan, Farmer.
John Riley, Farmer
James T. Slatery, Farmer.
N. R. Tophiff, Farmer.
Brown's Creek Township.

G. W. Alvord, Farmer
F. Ayers, Farmer.
H. Applebee, Farmer.
G. F. Applebee, Farmer.
L. C. Bowles, Farmer.
H. G. Breed, Farmer.
L. A. Breed, Farmer and Breeder of Graded Durham Cattle.
J. W. Blacker, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
B. C. Blacker, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
F. Burg, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
R. T. Bender, Farmer.
J. O. Brunnemer, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
J. M. Booze, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
W. H. Birdsell, Farmer.
M. Birdsell, Farmer.
J. Bingham, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
J. T. Clark, Farmer.
R. Clark, Farmer.
J. L. Colburn, Farmer.
C. L. Colburn, Farmer and Fruit Grower.
G. R. Colburn, Farmer.
J. F. Callison, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
R. M. Croak, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
J. Croak, Farmer.
H. Crouse, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
J. C. Crouse, Farmer.
H. T. Crouse, Farmer.
W. G. Coffeen, Farmer.
James Dunleavy, Farmer.
Owen Duhleavy, Farmer.
John Divel, Farmer.
H. Dibble, Farmer.
H. H. Dewey, Farmer and Breeder of Norman Horses.
G. Detwiler, Miller.
John L. Detwiler, Farmer.
F. Detwiler, Farmer.
E. Eychuer, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
J. J. F. Gunn, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
N. Gunn, Farmer.
C. F. Genung, Farmer.
R. P. Griffis, Stock Dealer.
J. L. Gann, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
J. C. Gann, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
W. C. Gann, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
W. Harbison, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
A. Harwood, Farmer.
H. F. Hosler, Farmer and Fruit Raiser.
J. C. Harley, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
T. C. Harley, Carpenter.
O. Jinkins, Farmer.
A. J. King, Farmer.
J. G. King, Farmer.
S. S. King, Farmer.
Joseph Keeman, Farmer.
H. G. Loncks, Farmer.
H. H. McGugin, Farmer.
J. R. Mizener, Farmer and Breeder of Graded Cattle.
J. W. Mizener, Farmer.
G. D. Moore, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
W. D. Mathews, Farmer.
H. Metcalf, Farmer.
Mrs. E. Munks, Farmer.
J. Myers, Farmer.
S. Myers, Farmer.
James Presler, Farmer.
Jacob Presler, Farmer.
D. Ryan, Farmer.
A. Ryan, Farmer.
M. T. Stansbury, Farmer.
Edwin Smith, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
J. J. Snyder, Farmer.
J. H. Williams, Farmer.
C. M. Williams, Farmer.
B. G. Williams, Farmer and Stock Raiser.
C. W. White, Farmer.J. A. White, Farmer.
C. W. Wilson, Farmer.
S. A. Welstead, Merchant and Stock Dealer.

Mayview Kansas, 1912.
Mayview, a hamlet of Jewell county, is located in Brown's Creek township on Brown's creek, 12 miles south of Mankato, the county seat. It had 35 inhabitants according to the census of 1910 and receives daily mail from Jewell.

Two Civil War Veterans.
James W. Wizener, P. O. Mayview, Gun shot wound to left leg, Pension ?, Pension started ?
James L. Anderson, P. O. Mayview, Injury to Adbomen, Pension $4., per month, Pension started June, 1879.


Jody Pryor said...

What a great summary of Mayview. I grew up two miles from Mayview. By that time the only thing left was the church and long before I was out of school the church was tore down.

One correction. W.H. Birdsell did not have a middle name. Or at least according to when he filed for his homestead. It clearly stated there was no middle name. I believe the entry should be W. and M. Birdsell. Or Wm. Birdsell. It's hard to tell, since his name was William and his wife's name was Maria(h). They were my great, great grandparents and their farm is still in our family.

Dennis Segelquist said...

Hi Judy, In the 1884 Directory its W. H. Birdsell, however on the township land map its W. M.