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Mohon Kansas.

Bourbon County.
Dry Wood Township Map, 1878.
Mohon can be found on the county map in Township 27-south and Range 25-east.  On the Township map Mohon can be found in section 23.
Mohon Post Office.
Mohon post office open March 25, 1878 and ran to August 3, 1883.  John McDonald was first postmaster.
The only patron listed for Mohon's post office in 1878 was T. A. Caldwell.
Land owners of section 23, of Dry Wood township, of 1878.
J. H. Custard
A. . B. Caldwell.
T. A. Caldwell.
J. B. Caldwell.
Jon. Lambert.
P. Landaker.

Mohon Kansas, 1883.

Mohon.--This town is situated on rolling, timbered prairie, twelve miles southeast from Fort Scott. The first settlement was made here in 1878, by Wesley Calkins. The post office was established the same year, with J. McDonald, Postmaster. Mr. McDonald also opened a store in 1878.

History of Mohon Kansas.
Mohon, ( Caldwell ): Dry Wood township., ( 11, 27-south 25-east), about twelve mils southeast of Fort Scott, one half mile north of Bourbon-Crawford County line, one mile west of  Kansas-Missouri State line.  First Postmaster John McDonald, March 25, 1878-August 3, 1883, mail to ( Arcadia.) 
The town began withFort Scott, southeastern and Memphis Rail Road ( 1876 ) builta 3.8 miles sount of Memphis ( Garland ) and named it Caldwell.  Named for John & A. B. Caldwell, owners of 340 acres on Cox creek, on whose land the Rail Road built.
Wesley Calkins and M. J. McDonald open a store in 1878, but a post office of Caldwell already existed in Sumner County so the name was changed to Mohon.  The school #34, Custard is located one mile west, population in 1882 was 70.  Land sold for $12-25, dollars per acre.  Coal was the primary income. 
When the coal give out, the town was abandoned in 1890.  By 1884, Mohon had been moved two miles south to section 23 and located on the Kansas City, Fort Scott and A. Rail Road at Caldwell Station.

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