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Edna kansas.

Labette County
Elm Grove Township Map,1906.

Edna Post Office.

Edna post office open April 4, 1878 and ran to /, Alexander Pattison was first postmaster.
business men who used Edna as their P. O. address as of 1906.
Ed. Babcock, Farmer, came to county 1902.
J. C. Batman, Farmer, came to county 1886.
I. Brown, Farmer, came to county 1905.
W.. M. Brown, Farmer, came to county 1888.
U. M. Fenis, Farmer, came to county 1891.
J. A. Forsyth, Porp. Jersey Red Stock Farm., came to county 1907.
John C. Higginson, Farmer, came to county 1871.
Pearl JOHNSON, Farmer, came to county 1890.
T. M. Jones, Farmer, came to county 1877.
W. F. Kessler, Farmer, came to county 1873.
W. W. KESSLER, Farmer, came to county 1873.
Frank Lawson, Farmer, came to county 1901.
J. H. Millikin, Farmer, came to county 1879.
J. H. Oilnger, Liveryman, Edna, came to county 1897.
R. A. Reedy, Farmer, came to county 1876.
G. W. Sicks, Farmer, came to county 1904.
C. D. Steele, Farmer, came to county 1884.
William Steele, Farmer..
Henry Taylor, Farmer, came to county 1891.
J. M. Taylor, Farmer, came to county 1881.
J. M. Taylor, Farmer, came to county 1881.
J. B. Willmeth, Farmer, came to county 1870.
J. Q. Wimmer, Farmer, came to county 1878.

Edna kanasa, 1901.
On June 20, 1876, Mr. Booth and Alex. Patterson opened a general store in a claim shanty 11 by 14 feet, belonging to Jeptha Lackey, on the northeast one-fourth of section 30, in Elm Grove township. This was the first start of the town of Edna. That same fall this firm brought from the town of Chanute the material of a frame building which they had torn down, and with it they put up at Edna, on the same quarter, the first store building in the place. This building still stands. They continued to conduct the business until a 879, when they sold to Frank Clark. Other stores were opened from time to time. In 1883 Dunlap & Co. started a hardware store, but there were no very important enterprises started or any large amount of liuilding done until the construction of the railrdad through there in 1886, with the exception of the flour mill, which was erected in 1883 by H. S. Wimmer and William Gear. This mill was put in operation in the spring of 1884. and has ever been one of the most substantial features of Edna's prosperity. The town was not regularly laid off until the location of the railroad, in the summer of 1886. A plat of the town embracing a portion of sections 29 and 30, township 34, range 19, was filed August 21, 1886.
There have been two quite extensive fires in Edna: one on February 13, 1889, on the west side of Delaware street, burning out the business houses of G. W. Reasor. W. P. Dollar and Josiah Arnold ; the other in December,, 1891, on the east side of Delaware street, consuming the business houses of Frank Martin, Frank Holton, L. Powell, Alexander Dunlap and C. M. Rinker.


There are two stone buildings in Edna, the first being the two-story bank building erected by C. T. Ewing in 1887, and the second, a onestory structure adjoining it, erected by G. W. Reasor in 1891. There have also been erected three fine' brick store buildings, one in 1894, and two in 1899, two of them being two stories in height, and the other one-story.


As previously stated, a flouring mill was located here about the time the town was started. In 1899 a large elevator was erected.

On the application of its citizens an order was made by the board of county commissioners on July 3, 1892, incorporating the town as a city of the third class, and on July 20 its first election was held, at which the following officers were elected: Mayor, J. H. Hoole; police judge, J. H. Reasor; councilmen G. W.  Reasor,T. G. Harris, H. H. Clark, A. C. Veach and J. C. Arnold. The first meeting of the mayor and council was held July 25, 1892, at which J. E. Blunk was appointed and confirmed as city clerk.

On August 9 four ordinances were passed. The first levied an occupation tax on all the various kinds of business conducted there; the second provided for the maintenance of the peace; the third prohibited stock from running at large; and the fourth provided for licensing dogs.

Since its organization Edna has had the following mayors and city clerks : Mayors 892, J. H. Hoole; 1893,-96, F. E. Hamilton; 1897, J. E. Blunk; 1898-99, J. H. Hughes; 1900, Dr. J. H. Woodul. Clerks— 1892, J. E. Blunk; 1893-94, A. C. Veach; 1895, W. E. Staige; 1896, E. H. Hughes; 1897, H. H. Clark; 1898, E. C. Fair; 1899, H. H. Clark; 1900, W. E. staige.


On Janaury 25, 1887, C. T. Ewing, who was in the banking business at Thayer and Cherryvale, opened the International Bank at Edna, with J. M. Berry, cashier. C. H. Zabriski succeeded Mr. Berry as cashier on November I, 1888, and continued in charge of the bank until it failed, in May 1892. A state bank under the management of J. H. Lount was opened in September, 1897; in the following June it went into voluntary liquidation. The State Bank of Edna was opened July 21,1899, with $5,000 capital stock, and is doing a prosperous business.

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