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Scandia Kansas.

Republic County.
Scandia Township Map, 1884.
On the county map Scandia can be found in Township 3-south and Range 4-west.  On the Township map Scandia can be found in sections 8, 16 and 17.
Scandia Post Office.
New Scandinavia open June 24, 1869 and ran to June 7, 1876, First postmaster Eugene Hanson name changed to Scandia, who's post office open June 7, 1876, First postmaster Charles Peterson, and ran to ? it's not stated why the name change.
People of Scandia, 1884.
The information is Name and what they did for a living.The information was to large to copy by hand and to large to put up as a picture format.
To learn more about Scandia and it's people of 1883, take this link.
Scandia Kansas, 1912.
Scandia, an incorporated town ol Republic county, is located on the Republican river 10 miles west of Belleville, the county seat. It was settled by Scandinavians in 1869, the following being the first to arrive: M. Johnson, Charles Lesom, P. Walin, Mr. Lundin, John Strom, F. Granstadt, A. Bergen, A. Erickson, J. R. Sandel, John Holstrom and
Peter Johnson. The first store was built in 1869 by J. R. Sandel. The building was 8 feet square and the goods invoiced $125. This was also the first store in Republic county. The first American flag to be raised in Kansas was raised by Capt. Pike near the site of Scandia in 1806. (See Pike's Expedition.)

Scandia was an important trading point in the early days, being in the line of the shortest route to the homestead country from Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska. It had the only ferry on the upper Republican and stage lines daily from Hanover, tri-weekly from Waterville, Junction City and Jewell, and weekly from White Rock and Solomon. Some of the early business men were L. C. Hanson, hotel ; Wilson Bros., general store; Amos Coyle, drugs and groceries; A. T. Miller, groceries and provisions. The first railroad was the Missouri Pacific running north and south, which reached Scandia in 1878. The Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific runs through Scandia east and west. The census of 1910 gave Scandia 579 inhabitants. It has five churches, 2 banks, a weekly newspaper (the Journal), telegraph, telephone and express offices, and a money order postoffice with three rural routes. The Kansas Gazetteer for 1909 lists 80 business and professional men in Scandia. It is a shipping point for grain, live stock and other farm products.

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