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Keelville Kansas.

Cherokee County.

Keelville is in Lyon Township, Keelville can be found on the county map in Township 34 & 35-south and Range 23-east on section 5 or 6.

Keelville Post Office.

Keelville post office open August 26, 1868 and ran to April 30, 1908.

Lyon Township.

It was stated in 1903, that Keelville was the only town in the township of Lyon.

Civil War Soldiers Now Living in Keelville.

George Burnett, Sergeant, Co. B., 111th., U. S. Infantry.
Ralph Boyer, Corporal, Co. E., 78th., Pennsylvania Infantry.
F. M. Davison, Private, Co, I., 7th., U. S. Cavalry.
John S. Dill, Private, Co. K., 34th., Iowa, Infantry.
Hugh Erwin, Captain, Co. A., 24th., Indiana, Infantry.
George Easton, Private, 119th., Illinois, Infantry.
Milton Sparks, Corporal, Co. K., 117th., Kentucky, Infantry.
John J. Scott, Private, Co. D., 46th., Iowa, Infantry.
Thomas Street, Private, Co. C., 138th., Indiana, Infantry.
L. H. Taylor, Private, Co. G., 95th., Ohio, Infantry.
John A. Hill, Corporal, Co. F., 7th., Missouri, Cavalry.
J. W. S. Lane, Private, Co. D., 75th., Indiana, Infantry.
R. P. Miles, Private, Co. E., 14th., Missouri, Cavalry.
Lewis Wahi, Private, Co. I., 35th., Ohio, Infantry.
Fred Winkleman, Sergeant, Co. I., 2nd., Missouri, Infanry.

Business Men who used Keelville As Their P. O. Address As Of 1902.

Daniel Caeeell, Farmer.
J. B. Goodrich, Farmer and Breeder of thoroughbed Durham Cattle.
F. J. Miller, Breeder of thoroughbred Short Horn Cattle.
W. H. Naylor, Farmer and Breeder of Registered Poland China Hogs.
J. M. Roper, Farmer.
T. R. Street, Farmer and Breeder of thoroughbredDuroe Jersey Hogs.

Keelville Kansas 1912. 

A hamlet in Cherokee county, is located in the southwestern corner of the county, 13 miles from Columbus, the county seat, and 6 miles from Faulkner, the nearest railroad station and the postoffice from which its mail is distributed. The population in 1910 was 45.

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