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Alvus H. Moffet.

Alvus H. Moffet, a prominent financier of Larned, Kan., bears a name which figured largely in the early history of Kansas, the actors being his father Dr. Chancy W. Mofifet and three of the latter's brothers Charles, Erastus. and Orlando Moffet mention of whose adventures and thrilling experiences long prior to and during the Civil war will be found in the other volumes of this work. Mr. Moflfet and his twin brother. Alvah C. Moffet, were born Dec, 1866, to Dr. Chancv W. and Emelia (Vancil) Moffet, at Vancil Point. Ill. Dr. Chancy W. Moffet was born Jan. 5, 1825, in New York state, to prents that also were natives of that state. He became a physician by profession. He first came to Kansas, in 1841, together with his three brothers, and was located for a few years at Old Wyandotte, where they hunted and traded with the Indians, buying horses and cattle.  They also hauled freight by wagon for the United States government to the Indians and soldiers. Later, when the town of Topeka was laid out. Dr. Moffet and his three brothers participated in the organization of the town.

They were all members of John Brown's anti-slavery organization. Erastus Moffet was captured by Ouantrill, but escaped from his prison by cutting a hole in the floor. Charles Moffet was also taken captive and was tried and sentenced to be hanged, but was liberated by his friends. Dr. Moffet married Miss Emelia Vancil, Aug. 23, 1849, and of iheir union were born eight children six sons and two daughters: Lot, born March 19, 1852, died in infancy Portia, who died Feb. 18, 1911, married Hiram Gilkerson and became the mother of four children ; Aletha died at the age of twenty-one ; Chauncey W. born in 1858. is in the cattle business in Arizona; Ocea. born in 1861, is a minister whose pastorate is at Tawas City, Mich.; Hosea Oren. born in 1863, is on the old homestead, at Modesto, Ill.; Alvah C., the twin brother of Alvus H.. is engaged in the banking business at Waverly, Ill.; and Alvus H. is the subject.

Dr. Chancy W. Moffet was an intimate friend of Gen. Sam Houston, the hero of the .Mamo who at the head of the Texas forces in revolt against Mexico, defeated and captured Santa Ana; was president of Texas from 1836 to 1841 ; was elected United States senator in 1845 and was elected governor in 1859. Dr Moffet lived in Texas from 1849 to 1861 and established the present town of Moflfet. in Bell county, that state. He met a tragic death in Texas, in 1870. at the hands of Texas outlaws. The mother died, in 1905, at Modesto, Ill. Alvus II. Moffet was educated under a private tutor until seventeen years of age. when he entered Shurtleff Collage at upper Alton. Ill. Later he took a business course at Jacksonville, Ill. in 1889 he came to Kansas and located at Garfield, where was organized the Garfield Banking Company, composed of Alvus II. and Alvah C. Moffel. Later their hank became a state bank. In

1896 they removed to Larned and established the Moffet Brothers Bank, and in 1897 they organized and opened a new bank at Garfield, known as the Garfield State Bank, which they still own and operate. In 1904 the Moffet Brothers Bank became the Moffet Brothers National Bank, of Larned, which is the only national bank in Pawnee county. It is one of the soundest financial institutions in that section of Kansas and has deposits averaging $500,000.  The Moffet Brothers also own the Rozel State Bank, of Rozel, Kan., which was organized in 1906. In the meantime, since coming to Kansas, they have bought large tracts of land and have been extensively engaged in stock raising.

Mr. Moffet is a Knight Templar Mason and an Odd Fellow. On March 25, 1888, he was married to Miss Edwina Buckler, of Upper Alton, Ill. She is a college graduate and talented in music. which she taught several years prior to her marriage. She is a daughter of William and Harriet Buckler, of Illinois, the former of whom was a native of Virginia and the latter was born in Xew York state. The father was accidentally killed in 1887, having been dragged to death by a cow. The mother now resides with her daughter, Mrs. Moffet. and has reached the advanced age of eighty-six years. Mrs. Moffet is assistant cashier of the Moffet Brothers National Bank, of Larned. and is closely identified with all of her husband's business interests. Both Mr. and Airs. Moffet enjoy a high standing among the people of Larned and of Pawnee county.

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