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Haverhill Kansas

Butler County Kansas.

Haverhill is in Butler county, in Spring Township on the county map it can be found in Township 27-South and Range 5-East in between section 21.

There are in Butler County a number of other towns and villages, not very large as yet, it is true, but growing steadily in importance. Among these we may mention the town of Amador, in Clifford Township; Freedom, in Bloomington Township; Plum Grove, in Plum Grove Township; Pontiac, in Prospect Township, each of which has a population of several hundreds. Chelsea, in Chelsea Township, and Indianola in Bruno Township, are of similar size. Keighley, Haverhill and Lorena, on the St. Louis & San Francisco road, and Woodward, Dixon and Walnut on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe, are but small stations yet, but have abundant opportunities for growth, which they will in time fully improve.
Haverhill Post Office.
Haverhill post office open June 12, 1880 and ran to December 30, 1933.  James N. Hanna, was first postmaster.  After the post office closed Haverhill received their mail from Augusta Kansas.
Men of Haverhill.
Joseph W. Brown.
Among the important accounts in the early history of Spring township was the building of the St. Louis & San Francisco railroad in the summer of 1880. The establishment of a general store at Haverhill in the same year by the late Joseph W. Brown was another important event. From a small beginning Mr. Brown built up a good business and prospered. For twenty-five years he was agent for the Frisco at Haverhill, at the time of his retirement being in point of service the oldest agent of the road between St. Louis and Wichita. Mr. Brown always took an active part in public affairs, was a man of strong personality and always stood for what he thought was right and for the best interests of the community. Before his death he sold his stock of goods to McDowell Brothers, who conduct the business at the present time. The store was a favorite meeting place for the exchange of ideas, gossip and the discussion of all kinds of subjects. The man who would do his trading and hurry away was looked upon with a little suspicion.
H. H. Leonard.
H. H. Leonard, now of Wichita, and one of the finest citizens any community ever had, for many years held the checker championship of the store. He perhaps did not always play the best game, but played more of them. It was here that the first Haverhill base ball team was organized under the leadership of Will Glaze and for many years Haverhill has had one of the best teams in the county. J. C. Greer, who still ambles around first base with as much agility, if not quite as much grace, as he did twenty years ago, is the only member of this first team who still plays.

J. C. Glaze

J. C. Glaze, now one of the prosperous farmers of Spring township, at one time conducted a store at Haverhill.

C. R. Marchall & Sam Frank.

In 1902, C. R. Marshall and Sam Frank opened a general store at Haverhill. This business was successfully conducted in turn by Frank, J. B. and E. L. Marshall until 1915, when it was closed out by E. L. Marshall, that he might devote all of his time to his veterinary practice.
Business Men who Used Haverhill As Their P. O., Address As Of 1905.

W. N. Green Farmer and Stock Raiser, came to county 1872.
J. H. Leonard, Farmer and Insurance, came to county 1893.
J. D. Nixon, Farmer and Stock Raiser, came to county 1878.
T. T. Rountree, Farmer and Stock Raiser, came to county 1889.
Haverhill Kansas 1912.

Haverhill, a village of Butler county, is a station on the St. Louis & San Francisco R. R. 10 miles south of Eldorado, the county seat. It has a money order postoffice, a cooperative telephone company, an express office, and is a trading and shipping point for the neighborhood.  The population was 50 in 1910.

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