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Its Jaspar Not Jasper.

In writting history there is always a chance on making a mistake and in this case it was the name of the of Jasper.   The author of the History of Meade County made it and found the error and noted in the front of his book.The history of Meade County was written by Frank S. Sullivan in 1916, and like many other history writers after the book was prainted they find errors or things left out of the book, so they pasted an extra page in the front of the book.  Here they noted their errors or the thing left out that they felt was important to be noted.  This is what Mr. Sullivan did.  It states ( pgae 33, first line it should be Jaspar not Jasper.)  It seems almost every one who writes about Meade County misses it. There was a town of Jasper in the beinning but the town was not growing, so they moved to a new town site a few miles away and renamed it Jaspar.  In the 1909 county Atlas-Plat Book its recorded as Jaspar.

Meade County Map, 1909.
Link to Township Map.
Jaspar is in Meade County in the Township of Mertilla.  On the county map Jaspar is in Township 31-South and Range 29-West, in section 25.
Jaspar or Jasper Post Office History.
Jasper post office open April 12, 1888 and ran to January 1, 1891, moved from Rainbelt, to Collingwood.
Collingwood post office open April 20,1908 and ran to January 9, 1909, name changed to Jasper.
Jasper post office open November 23, 1909 and ran to May 13, 1912, name changed from Collingwood name changed to Missler.
Missler post office open May 13, 1912 and ran to July 31, 1933.
In the Reference Directory of 1909, there were only two business men recorded for Jasper they were: Henry Waterman, Farmer and Emil Zimmerman who was a Merchant and Farmer.
Jasper or Jaspar 1912.
Jasper, a post hamlet of Meade count}^ is a station on the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific R. R. 6 miles west of Meade, the county seat. It is a local trading point and does some shipping. The population was 20 in 1910.
Jasper or Jaspar 1916.
By Frank S. Sullivan.
On May 17th, 1888, the Kansas Town and Land Company, owner of 51 per cent, and George W. Ragon, owner of 49 per cent, filed the plat of Jasper, which included all that part of the east half of the southwest quarter of Section 26, Township 31, Range 29, that lies north of the right-of-way of the C. K. & N. Railway (now the right-of-way of the C. R. I. & P.). This town, being on the railroad, was never absolutely deserted, but has never attained any great proportions. In 1909 Fullington & Marrs, a real-estate firm of Meade, made some slight attempt to promote this town. A new site was surveyed, near the old site, but was a part of the southwest quarter of Section 25, and the town was called Jasper ( Jaspar ), the name being afterwards changed to Collingwood, and still later to Missler.


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