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Colwich Kansas.

Sedgwick County.
Union Towhship map. 1901.
On the county map Colwich can be found in Township 26-South and Range 2-West.  On the Township map Colwich can be found in section 16.
Business men who used Colwich as their post office, address, as of 1901.
P. Briggs, Retired Farmer and Blacksmith, came to county 1871.
W. H. Briggs, Blacksmith, came to county 1874.
Herman Buack, Farmer, came to county 1897.
C. F. Hyde, Farmer and Stock Raiser, came to county 1871.
P. C. Learned, Farmer, came to county 1903.
George Osburn, Farmer, came to county 1872.
John B. Simons, Farmer, came to county 1878.
A. Samarsh, Farmer and Stock Raiser, came to county 1872.
Henry Stump, Farmer, came to county 1887.
Jos. Wapelhorst, Lumberman, came to county 1888.
Joseph Weber, Farmer, came to county 1894.
Constantine Winter, came to county 1886.
A. S. Young, Farmer, came to county 1885.
N. W. Young, Farmer, came to county 1901
F. C. Zenner, Merchant, came to county 1878.
Colwich Kansas 1912.

Colwich, a town in Union township, Sedgwick county, is a station on the Missouri Pacific R. R. 14 miles northwest of Wichita. It was settled in 1887, was incorporated some years later, and in 1910 reported a population of 258. Colwich has a bank, a grain elevator, an alfalfa mill, a hotel, Catholic and Methodist churches, a money order postoffice with two rural routes, express and telegraph offices, telephone connections, and is the shipping and supply point for a large agricultural district in the Arkansas valley.

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