Thursday, May 8, 2014

William W. Cronic.

Picture publish date 1906.
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William W. Cronic.

Birth: 1838, Virginia.
Death Unknown.

Wife: Margaret Cronic, b. 1842, Indiana, d. Unknown.

Children : Twins.

James E. Cronic,b. 1882, Missouri, d Unknown.
Nettie N. Cronic, b 1882, Missouri, d., Unknown.

Burial: Unknown.

Mr. Cronic came to Kiowa county in 1885 and settled in section 20 of Ursula township.  He was a farmer and Stock Raiser on his 160 acres of land.  His post office address was Greensburg, Kansas, which is about 6 miles north-east from the farm.

Authors note.  Some of this information may be in error as he was hard to pin down.  His name was spelled so many different ways some were; Cronic, Cronie, Crome and Cronick.  Under his picture its Cronic, in the directory its Cronie and on the land map its Crome.

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