Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cora M. Shirley Kite.

Picture publish date 1906.
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Cora M. Shirley.

Birth: September, 1878.
Death: March 1, 1919.

Father: William R. Shirley.
Mother: Elmira H. Yocum Shirley.

Husband: Edward Everett Kite.

Children: Kenneth Kite, ( 1916-1916 ).

Burial: Bird City Cemetery, Cheyenne county, Kansas.

Miss Cora was living in Atwood, Kansas with mother and father, in 1900, she was in School Teaching.  In 1906 she was a Stenographer and Abstractor, in 1910, she was shown as being a Reporter.  Some time after 1910, she met and married her husband and moved to Cheyenne County.  When she died in 1919, at the same county her mother and father were living with her and her husband they were now in their 70's.

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