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Kansas Constables of 1866.

What is a Constable.

A constable is a law officer for a particular area such as a rural township, much like a sheriff (who serves a county) and usually elected, who is responsible for such duties as serving summons, complaints, subpenas, and court orders, assisting the local court, as well as "keeping the peace." In England this was an exalted position as law enforcement chief for an extensive area, but in the United States the office of constable is a dying breed, like Justice of the Peace.

Kansas Town-------Constables  
America City--E. C. Whisler.
Ash Point--Andrew Reagan.
Auburn--Thomas Donman.
Avon--John L. Hughes.
Ayersburgh--Thomas Dalrymple.
Baldwin City--C. B. Buke.
Barrett--W. H. Auld & E. R. Sylvester.
Bazaar--H. Wiggins.
Burlington--E. B. Fonds.
Carson--Morgan Willett.
Cedar Point--William Barnes Jr..
Centrallia--J. Ryan.
Centropolis--Richard Speed & Joshua Hodge.
Circieville--B. Foster.
Coloms-- John Dale.
Cooks Ford--Lewis Rutty & John Helm.
Easton--Silas Langley & H. W. Moore.
Elwood--Ezekiel Cox.
Emporia--O. L. Davis.
Fairland-- William Totten & Francis Riley.
Far West--J. T. Hammond.
Fort Lincoln--Joshua Jewell & William J. Stone.
Fort Scott--John Harris & C. A. Wheaton.
Fort Zarah--David Howe.
Fremont--James D. Wiggins & Willis Stocker. 
Garnett-- J. L. Kertcheval & J. G. Hyattt.
Geneva--W. Jones.
Granada--C. F. Leibeg.
Grasshopper Falls--J. Meiser.
Greeley--Jacob Benjamin & John Fox.
Humboldt--Jacob Schleicher.
Iola--Jacob Dutton.
Lancaster--T. Lewis.
Lecompton City--R. A. Bratten.
Marion Center--E. Hoops.
Medina--George W. Gray.
Monrovia--Samuel Shurck.
Mound City--Jno. H. Blackburn.
Neosho Falls--J. O. Caskey.
Osage ( Miami Co. )--S. Wolhull.
Ottawa--R. E. Jennis.
Ottumwa--John Headlow.
Palermo--W. Briton.
Paola City--James McEwen & D. E. Stevens.
Pardee--S. Brookman.
Pleasant Ridge--James Pittman.
Plymouth--I. Tenis & N. Lockeman.
Robinson--B. F. Smith.
Salina--Simon Garlie & D. R. Maystaff.
Shawnee ( Johnson Co. )--E. Bingham & James H. Gamble.
Solomon City--William Stanton.
Spring Hill--J. F. Dewell & John B. Jackson.
Troy--L. McCarty & William Summers.
Uniontown--J. F. Wright & James Brown.
Vienna--L. M. Benedict & James Stewart.
Wathena--J. O. Larzeleve & John Wyncoop or Wynloop.

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