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Benjamin F. Dole.

Picture publish date 1921.
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Benjamin F. Dole.

Birth: 1851.
Death: 1936.

Wife: Cynthia Ann Dole, ( 1860-1835 ).

Children  Charley M. "Charles", Arthur, Fannie, Mabel B., Emma.

Burial: Canton Cemetery, Canton, McPherson County, Kansas.

In 1903 was a Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Implements, Drugs, Paints,General Merchandise and General Commercial business.

In 1921, was a Grain man, and Stock Raiser, General Merchandise.

His post office address was Canton, Kansas, which was about four miles south-west from the farm.

Part of his land was called Doles Park.

Doles Park, was a country postoffice of Canton township, McPherson county, is located near the eastern boundary, 15 miles from McPherson, the county seat, and about 4 miles from Canton, which is the most convenient railroad station. Post office opened April 13, 1898 and ran to December 31, 1918.  First Post master, Benjamin F. Dole.

In 1883, Benjamin F. Dole, was a farmer and stock-raiser (follows the latter business as a specialty), P. O. Canton, Section 12. He has 600 acres of land, one-half of which is under cultivation. In 1882, he raised 1,500 bushels of wheat. He came to this place in July, 1870, in Marion County, and followed stock raising a year, thence to Spring Valley Township, and followed the same business for some time, thence to his present place. He has 120 cattle, 300 sheep and 100 hogs. He began the stock business in 1870, with only $25. He was born in Edgar County, Ill., May 8, 1851, and is self-made, has followed various occupations. He lived in Terre Haute, Ind., five years and attended school, just previous to coming to Kansas. Married in May, 1876, to Miss Cynthia A. Bacon of Edgar County, Ill. They have two children, Charlie and Emma. He is a member of the Masonic Order of Canton.

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