Friday, May 9, 2014

Henry B. Lowe.

Picture publish date 1878.
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Henry B. Lowe.

Birth: 1838, Ohio.
Death: February 6, 1911.

Wife: Sarah J. Lowe, ( 1838-1904 ).

Children: William H., Minnie, Mary E., and Lizzie Lowe.

Burial: Caldwell City Cemetery, Caldwell, Sumner county, Kansas.

Mr.  Lowe came to Lyon county, Kansas in 1857, from Greene County, Pennsylvania,.   he would in time settle in the town of Emporia, Kansas.  In 1878, he was the Proprietor of the Central Livery Stable.  He was also at this time the County Sheriff, after 1880 he was at the stables full time.  The family would later go to Caldwell, Kansas where he and wife spent the rest of their lives.

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