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Alfred M. Sage.

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Alfred M. Sage.

Birth: Aug. 6, 1833, Priddy, Somerset, England.
Death: Apr. 17, 1905, Dover, Shawnee County, Kansas.

Parents: Samuel Sage (1775 - 1871), Elizabeth Davis Sage (1805 - 1861).

Burial: Dover Cemetery, Dover, Shawnee County, Kansas.

ALFRED SAGE, farmer, Section 26, P. O. Valencia. Has 335 acres, all under fence, 130 acres under cultivation. Has good improvements, large two-story stone house, containing eight rooms, built in the fall of 1878, at a cost of $1,300. Barn is forty feet square. There are also other buildings, such as cattle stables, granary, etc., and a stone house one-half a mile north of his residence, containing eight rooms. He deals extensively in live stock, keeping 100 to 200 head of cattle. Has also a fine Percheron-Norman stallion, which Mr. M. W. Dunham imported, and was bought by him at a cost of $2,000.

He has also a store room and general stock of goods at the village of Dover, which is in the charge of his son, Squire. He is one of the best farmers in Kansas, and realizes large yields from his crops. He was born in Somersetshire, England, August 6, 1833, and came to America with his mother, settling in Onondaga County, N. Y., where he remained until twenty-one years old. He then moved to Iowa, and from there to Kansas in 1856, locating on the present site of the village of Dover, in which vicinity he has since resided.

In 1871 he purchased the Snider Building, and in partnership with A. D. Craig, he opened a general store, which he kept three years. He then sold out his interest and returned to his farm, where he resided two years. He again entered business at his present stand. He was married at Onondaga, N. Y., in 1854, to Miss Mary Bassett, a native of England. They had five children - Maggie, William, Squire, James and Dudley. His wife died October 28, 1863. On July 23, 1864, he married Mrs. Mary A. Buell, a native of Bedford County, Penn. Mr. Sage has always been an active Republican, and identified with that party since its organization.

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