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William Supple & Newman Kansas.

Newman, Kansas, 1883.

This is a railroad station on the line of the Kansas Pacific Railroad, about two miles west from Medina. It is located on the level valley lands of the Kansas River. It was laid out in 1867, by H. L. Newman.

The first store was opened in 1867, by Newman & Haston. A post office was established, and A. A. Haston, appointed Postmaster, which position he still holds. He is now sole proprietor of the store and town, and is railroad agent. There are two churches, the Catholic, built in 1868, and a large two-story schoolhouse, erected in 1882. It is also used for church purposes. The population of the village is twelve.

Newman, Kansas, 1912.

Newman, a station on the Union Pacific R. R., in Jefferson county, is located in Kentucky township 13 miles southwest of Oskaloosa, the county seat, and 11 miles east of Topeka. It has express and telegraph offices and a money order post office. The population in 1910 was 60. This town was laid out in 1867 by H. L. Newman, who with a man by the name of Haston, opened a store that year. A post office was established with A. A. Haston postmaster.

Newman Post office.

Newman post office opened on August 26, 1866 and ran to May 30, 1969.

Picture publish date 1899.
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William Supple was a General Merchant, Postmaster, Railroad Agent and Agriculturist, at Newman, Kansas.  Came to Kansas March 17, 1860 and located in Jefferson County, where he remained until 1876.  When he removed to Pottawatumie County of the same state.  He followed Agricultural pursuits, while a resident of the last named county, where he resided until 1899, when he returned to Jefferson county which place has since been his home.

Mr. Supple's home circle consists of a agreeable wife and three bright children upon whom has been bestowed the following  names; William P., born December 27, 1889; Mary born August 17, 1891; and Agnes born January 29, 1893.  His wife was Mary Supple also spelled Supples.  They had another child born in 1899 Allia Supple.

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