Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sarah Ann Chapman.

Picture publish date 1918.
Sarah Ann Chapman.

Birth: 1843, England.
Death: 1931.

Husband: John Chapman, ( 1839-1910 ).

Children: William J., Lucy C., and Edith.

Burial: Highland Cemetery, Wakefield, Clay County, Kansas.

Mr. Chapman came to America in 1869, came to Clay county, Kansas, and settled in section 6, of Republican township.  He was a Farmer on his 80.89 acres of land.  Sarah came to America in 1870, and settled in with her husband. 

Their Post office address was Wakefield, Kansas which was about a half mile east of the farm.  In 1881 the farm was in the hands of John Chapman.  In 1900 the land was in the hands of Fizgerald A. Chapman?  Then in 1918, the land was in Sarah's name again.  When Sarah was in her late 70's or early 80's, she was living with he daughter Lucy C., who was now Mrs. August F. Niemoller.

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