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West Asher, Kansas.

Lu Lu Township.
Map about 1884.

West Asher was another of those post offie that sprung up all through the counties of Kansas.  West Asher was in Mihchell county and in Lu Lu township.  West Asher was at the very south end of the township, it sat on the border between Lu Lu and Asherville township.  West Asher sat in section 34., on the land own by G. W. Loveall.  There is a creek that runs through the section a little west of the post office called West Asher Creek and about half mile east there is a Christian Church.  There is a West Asher Cemetery but its no shown on the map, but by looking at the modern maps I beleve it was just east of the Christian Church on land own by J. P. Watkins?  

West Asher post office open 1872-08-15--1878-02-11. Reopen 1878-04-04--1888-12-31. There are dates that it was open for the years of 1889-01-29--1892-11-15, but was never in operation.  The first Postmaster was Sollom Boyles. 

Here is a list of Farmers that used West Asher as their PO. address.   

Lu Lu Township.

Enoch F. Bland.
G. W. Loveall.
R. A. Moore.
George W. Sloan.
J. V. Smith.
M. S. Shadowen.
John C. Wigle.

Asherville Township.

S. P. Dixson.
Sylvester James.
Niels N. Jens.
Theodore Lesley.
J. C. Mace.
William H. H. Owen.
Henry C. Owen.
T. H. Oakley.
D. Pratt.
J. C. Smith
John Smith.

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