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Red Bud Kansas.

Maple Township, Cowley Co., Kan.
Map 1887.
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Red Bud seems to be just another of those Kansas post offices that no one seems to know anything about not even history.  I have read two books on Cowley history and neither had any thing on Red Bud.  The Red Bud post office ran for 37, years.  One would thing tha some kind town would try to start up or at lest a builting or two would have been bulit.  All I can give is the little bit of information I do have and that it well be interesting to read.   

Red Bud is located four miles north and two miles east of Udall.

Post Office was open March 17, 1873 and ran to September 30, 1910.
The first postmaster was William B. Norman.

Red Bud Post Office sits on the land owned by William B. Norman.

Farmers And Businessman of Red Bud.

G. D. Akers, section 18, farmer & stock raiser, from Kentuckey, came to county 1874.

T. C. Daniels, section 3, farmer & stock raiser, from Ohio, came to county 1872.

D. S. Haynes, section 9, farmer & stock raiser, from West Virginia, came to county 1873.

J. Houser, section 3, farmer & stock raiser, from Virginia, came to county 1870.

W. P. Heath, section 15, farmer & stock raiser, from Indiana, came to county 1872.

William B. Norman, section 28, farmer and Merchant, from England, came to county 1871.

Norman & Son, General Merchants.  Keeps a stock of goods usually kept at a county store, such as dry goods, groceries, &c.  Maple Township, Cowley Co., Kansas.  William B. Norman, also deals in Real Estate and is Notary Public.

A. J. Walck, section 22, farmer & carpenter, from Germany, came to county 1871.

A.. J. WALCK, farmer and stock-raiser, Section 22, P. O. Red Bud. Deserving of special mention among the representative citizens of the county is the subject of this sketch. Mr. W. came to Kansas, locating on present farm, in July, 1871. Has been very successful as a farmer, and has done much toward developing the interests of Maple Township. Has been identified officially, at present being District and Township Clerk. Mr. Walck is a native of Ohio; was born in Auglaize County, September 30, 1830. Was reared in his native State. He was an early settler of Fayette County, Iowa, which was his home for eleven years. In 1866, removed to Dent County, Mo., where he resided until coming to Cowley County, Kan., in July, 1871. His wife was formerly Miss Mary A. Beaver, of Pennsylvania. They have six children - John A., Samuel, Annie M., Andrew J., Lovina and Melvina. During the war, Mr. W. enlisted in Company E, Thirty-eighth Iowa Volunteer Infantry, serving six months; was discharged on account of disability.

Pensioners of Red Bud.

Joel Bever, lost right eye, $4., per month, pension staarted September, 1866.
Lois Morse, widow of 1812, $8., per month, pension started October, 1878.
Jacob Haines, father, $8., per month, pension started January, 1880. 

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