Monday, June 4, 2012


Was born in Wurtemburg, Germany, March 20, 1856, coming, to America in 1881. The following? year was married to Miss Theresa Rebholz, of Cleveland, Ohio, to whom three sons were born. While in the Fatherland Mr. Noller .served three years in the German army, being a corporal in the 29th Wurtemburg Artillery. Came to Kansas in 1884 and engaged in farming until 1897, when he took charge of the Hotel Paxico. After four years of success in the hotel business here Mr. Noller bought the Denver House at McFarland, where he is now running one of the best hotels in the county on up-to-date principles.  Besides the hotel Mr. Noller owns 340 acres of good faiiuing land. He is popular with the traveling public, with whom he has established a good reputation as a landlord.

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