Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Ness City, Kansas, 1887.

The Ness City Flouring Mills.

Owned and operated by Mr. John Snow, 24x42 feet on the ground, three stories hight, exclusive of the basement and substantially built, they are equipped with full roller process and other modern mill machiney; have a daily capacity of seventy-five barrels; were built in 1886, by Mr. Snow, and among the most valvable mill properties in Western Kansas.  Mr. Snow, who is an old and accomplished miller, sells the entire product of the mills in Ness and the neighboring counties, and speaks confidently of the milling outlook, for the region.  He is a native of England, a square, earnest, energetic business man, and estimable citizen; likes the county, and has great faith in the future of Ness county.  The mills are driven by steam, and run to full capacity on fine brands of merchant work that have deserved popuiarity in the region. 


Recently built and furnished by Ross Calhoun a cost of $16,000, is a handsome testimonial to the good taste and boundless enterprise of that public-spirited gentleman. As shown by our arlist, it is a beautiful specimen of hotel architecture, whose fine style, superior finish and elegant furnishings are a splendid compliment to the builder and the city. It is admirably planned, and perfectly heated by a superior hot-air heating plant ; has not a single dark or dingy corner, and from base to attic is aglow with light and warmth. The ample office and dining-room, elegantly furnished parlors and sleeping rooms, spacious and airy halls and corridors, fine table service and delightful cuisine, give this superb new hostlery great favor with the citizens and traveling public. Mr. James T. Calhoun, the proprietor, and his estimable family, are evidently he Calhoun House the cheerful and grateful social influence of a well-ordered home. Mr. Calhoun is an old-timer here, and one of those cordial, broad-breasted, genial, sociable, manlv men, who manage to dispense a deal of social sunshine. The Calhoun has water-works of its own, bringing the clear waters of Sunset Lake to every portion of the house and grounds, and looks out upon a pretty park, whose well-shaded walks and drives and rustic lounging places, will soon enough form one of its chief attractions.
George S. Redd, was born in 1859, West Virginia, in 1880, he was 26 years old and shown to be a Attorney.  He was at one time the Mayor of Ness City, and also the County Attorney.  In 1887, he was one of the owners of the new founded town of Beelerville, Kansas.

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