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Josiah M. Hubbard.

Josiah M. Hubbard, Lieutenant, Residence Wabaunsee, was mustered into the 11th., Kansas Cavalry Company K., on September 15, 1862. Mustered out with the company on September 13, 1865.

Battle of Platte Bridge.

Among the wounded was Henry Grimm, who was shot through the leg with an arrow and in his spine a barbed arrow was deeply buried. The surgeon considering the wounded soldier beyond all hope of recovery by reason of his wounds and the loss of blood, refused to remove the steel barb that still protruded from the wound in the spine. Rut Mr. Grimm pleaded earnestly to have the barb removed and Lieut, Hubbard ordered that the soldier's request be complied with. To the surprise of all Mr. Grimm recovered and though still feeling the effect of old wounds one would never suspect that Henry Grimm, of  Volland, one of our wealthiest German farmers and the one who lay wounded nigh unto death at Platte Bridge 35 years ago are one and the same.

Josiah M. Hubbard, was elected Probate Judge of Wabauness, November 8, 1859, was also appointed County Commissioner.

Josiah M. Hubbard.

Birth: Jul., 1832.
Death: Dec. 20, 1909.

Parents: Josiah M. Hubbard (1785 - 1862), Sarah Sill Hubbard (1789 - 1882).

Spouses: Harriet E. Hubbard (1837 - 1867), Lavina C. Hubbard (1849 - 1899).

Children: Robert Hubbard (1867 - 1950).

Inscription: JOSIAH M. HUBBARD LIEUT. 11th KANSAS CAVALRY, died Dec. 20. 1909. AE 77 Y's. 5 Mo's.

HARRIET E. WIFE OF Josiah M. Hubbard, died Dec. 8, 1867, AE. 30 Y's "He giveth his beloved sleep."

LAVINA C. WIFE OF Josiah M. Hubbard, died at Pasadena, Cal., May 14, 1899, AE. 50 Y'rs.

Burial: New Farm Hill Cemetery, Middletown, Middlesex County, Connecticut.

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